Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashing back to the best game of my life.

Tonight I’m super excited to watch the Wittenberg Volleyball team play the #1 D3 team in the Nation, and it literally makes my adrenalin rush thinking about it because I can’t help but flash back to one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. {Sounds like a big statement, but it’s true.}


October 27, 2007, my senior year of college, we were ranked #2 in the nation and played Juniata, ranked #1 at our home court in front of 1,400 fans




{The full match story is here.} I was blessed enough to have a great match that day and blocked well. Just playing in front of all those screaming fans was amazing – words can’t describe the feeling from that game.

I enjoyed that match so much, I’m excited for another generation of the team to experience it too. :) It will also be super great to visit with my past teammates!


Oh I miss playing this sport!  Okay, that’s all the gushing for now. Happy Friday, all!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Engagement session group two.

After work yesterday, I squeezed in a short one-hour volleyball lesson with a local twelve-year-old. She has a big tryout coming up this weekend, so she wanted some help with her net-play and diving/collapse digs. I’m really good at forgetting how much I miss volleyball until I get back in a gym. I wish I had time or the flexibility to coach a team, but because of my work with events on the weekend, it just isn’t an option. Volleyball’s such a great sport & the longer I go without being around it, the more I appreciate it’s impact on my life.

Okay, now, onto the last round of Smat’s engagement pics. I’ll add a little more color commentary for these, just for a bit of spice. ;)

This picture below is in front of Myers Hall at Wittenberg. I explained the legend of the horse ghost & this building in an earlier post here…perfect for the Halloween season, ha!


Seriously, how cute are they! Smat should like this one because she’s actually taller than Travis, for once! :)


I love how his blue eyes pop in this one.


Travis proposed to Smat on this seal. She had to convince him that it was okay to stand on it for the pic because it’s super bad luck for a student to stand on it {he’s not a student, but we still get nervous to step on it!}


Showing off the new bling…


I love that the outline of their heads kind of make a heart shape in this pic…


Maybe this is newspaper engagement announcement worthy?


And my favorite from this group. I love the leaves, ivy, soft sunshine, stairway…


So, what do ya think – like ‘em?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Setting up for gettin’ hitched.

Like I mentioned on Monday, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of my college teammate {she was the setter & I was a middle hitter, hints the poor pun in the post title.} It was a pretty quick session and lots of beautiful Fall colors, but also lots of bright noontime sunshine to work around. Here’s to hoping Smat like ‘em!

{The first two are my favs.}










Another round of these tomorrow & then I’m done for a bit with the photo session posts. We made it safely through a bad wind/thunder storm yesterday. Eugene had to take his class for cover in the basement, but thankfully no tornados came our way. I got completely drenched taking the pup out during the torrential downpour…and he was too confused by all the wind to even do his business! Go figure.

I’m looking forward to the end of October. It’s been a crazy month with eleven events at work & long hours, but November is way slower for work…I actually get to have “normal” Saturdays at home! Plus, November holds a visit to OK to see my sister & my favorite niece, baby Cate; a visit from my sister to OH; and my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving! Such perfect provision in 2010, an overwhelming amount of blessings, loads of daily wondrous things, {so much} to be thankful for this year!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family photo session group two.

Here’s the last group of pictures from my fun photo shoot this past Friday.









I love the collage below, but you’ll have to click on it to see it bigger to get the full effect. {So fun!}


And my favorite shot from today’s group {besides the collage} is definitely the hands on the baby pic…


Tomorrow I’ll post first group of my teammate’s engagement photo session.

Our small group discussion on the second chapter of Crazy Love went well. Eugene & I led the discussion with questions on how we can tangibly live our lives cognoscente of the fact that they are but a vapor. We also talked about Chan’s point that worry and stress “reek of arrogance.” This struck me hard because I’m a born worrier. This morning on my walk I committed to God the list of things that were worrying me today – gave them up to Him before I started my day. I was surprised to see that just stating those things in a prayer made them seem insignificant {not worthy of worry} & so incredibly small for such a large, all-powerful God. He’s so much bigger than my stress & that’s my wondrous thing for the day.


Monday, October 25, 2010

A weekend of photo sessions.

Friday after work, I took pictures of little Ava and her growing family with a baby sister on the way {mentioned & photographed here.} Ava was such a quick mover it was a bit of a challenge for my unprofessional self to keep the blur out, but I enjoyed laughing with them & attempting to get some good shots. I really hope they’re pleased with them! Here’s just a few to get started…more tomorrow probably.









And for my favorite…


Let me know whatcha think or if ya  have a favorite one. :)

Then on Saturday we watched Eugene’s sister play soccer in her first high school conference game & then left early to go work my two wedding events. Sunday was church – tackling the 2 year olds alone because Eugene is sick. {Okay, tackling probably isn’t the best word choice! Let’s try “watching”!} After church, I met up with an old college teammate to take some engagement pictures for her. The sun was out bright since we had to meet early in the afternoon, so the shadows & rays were a new challenge for me, but I hope a few turn out okay. { I’ll post those later this week.}

Then Sunday evening, we had a ladies’ dinner at Los Mariachi’s & some time shopping together with the women in Eugene’s extended family.

I’ve really enjoyed taking & editing pictures, so I’m hoping that {despite my lack of formal training} the end results are pleasing to others too!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Meeting the inmates.

Last night, we drove two minivans full of college girls to Marysville to the State Penitentiary for a basketball scrimmage against a team of inmates. The barb wire {cell phone pic below} was a bit intimidating, but when we met our opponents and actually talked with them after the game it was eye-opening and heart-wrenching.


The Ohio Woman’s Reformatory was surprisingly beautiful…reminded me of a college campus while we walked outside from one building  to the gym. 


When we got there, it was just as you would expect, just like you see in movies – navy blue uniforms, different colored collars marking their security threat level. When our team walked in the gym, the warm up CD was playing, officials were read, score keeps set. This was a legit scrimmage. :)

Within ten minutes the gym went from practically empty to standing room only. You could tell the inmates who filled the stands were excited to watch a game, thankful for the opportunity to see something different, and pumped to cheer for their team. I don’t have any pictures of the day other than the cell phone pic above; for obvious privacy/security reasons, cameras were not permitted. But to watch the women, many of whom you would never in a million years guess that they did something worthy of landing them there, play basketball against Eugene’s team was impressive. The inmates were focused, yet still smiling and happy to be playing, and there was some great talent on the team. {We lost the game.} They were also very respectful of our team & showed solid sportsmanship. {I think Eugene’s team could probably stand to toughen up a bit anyway, so it was good for them!} ;)

At halftime, another group of inmates put on a dancing/sign language show to Christian music. It was planned especially for the Cedarville girls. {So cool.} Finally, after the game, Eugene thanked them for being such great hosts to his team, and one of his players then gave a quick talk that included Bible verses and encouragement that no matter what we face in life God will always be there. The girls then passed out Bibles that they had highlighted verses in to the inmates, sat down and just talked with them. Oh the stories we heard!

One woman I spoke with said she got married really young, like 15, to a much older man who became abusive to her and her young children. He was teaching her five-year-old daughter to shoot a gun and in their disagreement about that, along with his abusiveness, she killed him in self-defense. She later found out, once the police searched the property, he had over forty loaded guns in their house and she had no idea. She said that although it has been such a hard experience, she’s blessed to have a supportive family backing her and caring for her two young children. She said she realizes that God put here in that prison to have the experience she had to realize that she can connect with other women like her once she leaves. She called the prison her mission field. {Amazing.} And her case just went before the Supreme Court to get revoked {from 33-to-life sentence to out in a few weeks she hopes.} So she may be free soon, and she’s already got a job lined up to work at a woman’s shelter that helped her when she was fleeing from her abusive husband. What a voice and story she has, and what faith she has found! {Seriously, God is so good, even through this broken mess of a world.}

It was such a wondrous thing to watch the college girls listen so kindly to these broken women. They held hands, prayed for and with each other, shared commonalities, laughed together, learned so much, and hugged good bye. It was amazing really.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind saying another prayer for our Aunt Jen {mentioned here and here.} She’s in the hospital again & could absolutely use a prayer for healing, strength, and encouragement. Thank you.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

{S}he’s makin’ a list & checkin’ it twice.

Is it bad that I already have a big ol’ list of things I’d love to get for Christmas…or for any random occasion?! {And is it bad that I keep adding to this, even after I originally posted it!?!} I have always struggled since I was little to ask for things, accept gifts, or even think of things I’d like to have, but now that I’m married, watching my pennies for big purchases {house & college loans}, I can think of tons of things I’d love to have or am starting to need.

First  & mostly – the “nifty fifty” lens for my Canon. It’s a 1.8/50mm lens that’s supposed to be the best you can get considering it’s small price tag. I realize small relative, but for lenses this is as low as it gets. {Why are all lenses around $500 or more each?!}



I also want to get Photoshop, but I think Eugene’s brother said he could get this for me. {I hope so!}


Second –  All my hoodies have stains on them. {I think I’ve been hanging out with Eugene too much ;)} Plus I only have Witt volleyball hoodies, so I’d really like/somewhat need a few hoodies or casual shirts that are nice enough to wear in public or even to work when I have to set up for events.

image {p.s although I like this shirt, I really don’t like Old Navy because their return policy is so bad + their sizes run small + their clothes seem to wear out quickly.}

image {I love the fabric of these Under Armour hoodies, but stupid pricey, plus I don’t love love the huge logo.}

Third – now, I know no one’s gonna get me a sofa, but I’m hoping to save up enough “fun-cash” to buy a sofa set…that is, once we have a house. Considering the fact that my current sofa’s older than I am, is pink {under the slip cover}, & is missing its feet, it’d be really nice to add a new sofa/loveseat combo…even if they’re not top quality to start with.

image {Eugene LOVES chaise lounge feature on sofas.}

Fourth – again, sticking with the trend of needing new casual clothes. I could use a new pair of long jeans {I’m 6’ so xlong jeans is a must & always a challenge to find.} These aren’t a big deal, but would nice to have.


I also need to get a better bathing suit for a vaca we’re taking with Eugene’s family in December. My current bathing suit was bought for my honeymoon & that was back when I was running like a fool to get in top shape for the wedding. Yeah, I think I’m gonna be leaning towards the lovely tankini.


I’ve passed these by so many times, just because they’re totally unnecessary, but I’d like to add a mini muffin pan and a springform pan to my baking arsenal.



My favorite & only perfume – Burberry Brit - is almost out. I was able to make it last for two years, but it’s about time to replenish. Walgreens has 1/2 off sales on this around Christmas time, so I may be able to score a deal.


I also need a new wallet. {Well, need might be a bit strong, but I could definitely use an updated wallet!} I like the flat clutch kind like this…


And because I love my chocolate, I’ve asked Eugene for some nutella in my stocking. {Only my teammates will get this joke, so don’t take offense…but “you know your a fatty when…you ask for chocolate spread for Christmas!} I ate Nutella on French bread every breakfast on my honeymoon, so I think it’d be a nice treat to have around, but not something I’m ever going to buy myself!


Ok, I need to make myself stop! This is too fun! :) Although, I will probably always struggle accepting gifts {I’d much rather give than get}, it’s getting pretty easy for me to dream up a wish list!


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