Friday, May 13, 2011

Big bathroom reveal.

{Apparently blogger was having issues yesterday, so this post is back up & running for a second time!}

Okay, so I’m definitely not finished with re-doing the bathroom, but I’ve made some huge progress, so I’m ready {and happy} to share where we are today! I mentioned earlier how I methodically chose a primer that would actually work on bathroom wall tile, but I’ve since then finished priming the walls & ceiling, and painted two coats of paint on the tiles & the walls. It looks SOOOO much better {in my humble opinion.}

Remember that I picked out this shower curtain on clearance from Target back in February. I thought it would work well with the tan-ish counter and white tile. I also decided on “Stonington” Olympic Premium paint color in a semi-gloss for the walls. I thought the gloss might work better with the moisture in the bathroom.

image IMG_1847 IMG_1846

I’m giddy just thinking about the fact that I have no more pink tile, floral wall paper or coyote & evergreen border and no holes in the ceiling!



Alright so how about some before & afters?! {Like I’ve mentioned before, our bathroom is oddly shaped, kind of like a Z, so it’s super hard to get good pictures.}


Big changes! Still on our list though is… a brand new toilet to install, painted window & door, a DIY curtain to make, and new flooring to pick out still.




The updates we’ll make to the picture above are {obviously} hanging a light fixture, framing the mirror, decorating, and probably painting the cabinet.

And for some more pics of the current updated bathroom…



Gotta rip that towel hook off the door & paint the door white {someday} and I need to buy rugs that actually match. ;)




The pic above shows my ORB spray painted faucet…still holding up perfectly!


Well, do ya think it looks any better? There’s still a list of things to do to prettify this bathroom, but it sure does make he happy to know we’ve come this far!





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  1. What an awesome before and after! I'm going to check out your other posts and find that primer you used. I have some ugly tile of my own and had no idea you could paint it! I'll back back to see how well you find it holds up!

    Popping over from House of Hepworth's!

  2. HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!Great job. I would never thought to spraypaint a faucet! But why not???

  3. WOW ! It looks amazing! It does not even look like you painted the tile. Great job! :)
    You're making me want to finish up my bathroom now !

  4. Found your post via the Remodelaholic link party and I am so glad I did! We have a bathroom that is completely tiled but is looking very yellowed and gross. So, we've been planning on painting it -- when we find the time. Yours looks amazing! How easy was it to paint the tile? What kind of paint did you use?

  5. Nette - it wasn't hard at all to paint the tile. I did a lot of research & testing to find the right primer (see here: Once I primed it, I just used normal Olympic Premium white wall paint (semi-gloss). So far so good, it's resistant to scratching & is holding up really well. You can see the brush & roller strokes some, like you would on walls, but it still looks 100% better than the pink tile!

  6. Wow! What a did a terrific job! I'd love for you to share this at my link party!

    Simply Creations Link Party

  7. That looks great, you did an awesome job! Looks wonderful :)

  8. Very nice transformation! The tile looks so much better in white. So fresh and clean! We are getting ready to totally gut, enlarge and remodel our bathroom. In fact I just started blogging about it. I can't wait to get started!

  9. What a transformation! Hard work really pays off, great job!

  10. wow! It's looks so crisp and fresh! Love the transformation! I am a new follower from Polly Want a Crafter. Chris

  11. What an amazing transformation so far. You saved so much money and trouble by keeping the tile and painting it instead of replacing it. It looks new in the picture! Wonderful job! I like the colors in your shower curtain, too!

  12. that looks so amazing! it's like a completely different house! i like your idea of painting the cabinet. we did that in our bathrooms and it made it look sooo sleek. we used a deep chocolate brown. that shower curtain is so darling too! found you through polly want a crafter party. stop over and say hi sometime. give me a followam following you now. back if you want. andiejaye@

  13. It looks great! That old border killed me! Why anyone thought that was a good idea...

  14. Your bathroom looks great!! I never thought tile could be painted and look so good. I am very impressed!! :)

  15. Your bathroom makeover looks gorgeous! It's amazing what some simple paint will do, you didn't rip anything major out and still it looks so great! :)

  16. Child, child, child! So much better! You did an awesome job.

  17. Totally amazing makeover! You have done an incredible job and the painted tile is fantastic. Thanks so much for linking to The Sunday Showcase Party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this Sunday. Have a wonderful week.
    ~ Stephanie Lynn

  18. Wow. Great job. What an improvement, to say the least. Found you at thrifty decor chic's hop. New follower. Blessings...

    Saved By Love Creations

  19. I've painted tiles in the past, but they didn't come up anywhere near as nice as yours. You've done a lovely job with the tiles, and it has made so much difference just changing the color. The bathroom looks fantastic. Well done.

  20. Thanks for all the kind words! So nice! :)

  21. Love it!!! I also did not know you could paint tile,this really helps me do a couple of projects I have been putting off. What a beautiful job! Thanks for sharing.

  22. The improvements are looking good. Don't you just love it when you reach that stage in progress where things just swell? It's great then most of the renovating is completed, with the new tiles fitting like a glove to the walls, and all the other items starting to blend into one single entity called a bathroom.

  23. Jane did you have to sand your tiles any? i am trying the same thing and can scratch the same primer off with my nails.

  24. Chantel, yes, I sanded them by hand as much as I could, but they didn't really sand well. I also let the primer dry quite a while so it really hardened. It still isn't 100% perfect...I have had a few tiny scratches since doing it (mainly from a lamp that fell down and scratched the wall), but that primer gave me the best results. Good luck! Send me the link if you post your results :)

  25. thanks jane!! i have read and Re-read your blogs and posts, trying to learn as much as i can using your trial and errors before i start my own project of painting pink tile! :/ i am addicted to your renovations and love your blogs!! i will keep you posted!!

  26. Looks Great! I just have a question though. I've been wanting to repaint my bathroom for SOOOO long because it looks like something out of a "What to NEVER do in a bathroom" episode. I have these ugly brown tiles with these hideous yellow flowers all over them from FLOOR TO CEILING in the ENTIRE bathroom. They cuts are very bad and because of the lazyness of the previous tenant, many of them are UPSIDE DOWN!! I noticed that the tiles in your bathroom go into the shower area. Did you paint the tiles inside the shower? and if you did, did it last? My biggest fear is the constant contact with water will make the paint peel. Feedback?

  27. Danielle V,

    Wow, your bathroom sounds awesome. Yikes! Unfortunately, the tiles in my bathroom didn't go into the shower; they stopped right at the shower. I know there are kits to reseal your bathtub. I wonder if that would work on tile? I would think that the paint I did on our tiles would not hold up to constant contact with water. The tiles on the walls are still holding up great though!

    Good luck with your bathroom! If you re-do it, post a link...I'd love to see it! :)

  28. Love that you painted the tile! So glad to see it works! (hoping to try this myself!

  29. Beautiful!You did an amazing job on your bathroom!


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