Friday, October 8, 2010

A long day at the office.

Yesterday not much happened in my life because I spent 15 hours of it working. We had an American Cancer Society dinner/fundraiser/fashion show called “Fashion to a Tea” at our Urbana venue. Around 385 people showed up & packed the room.


It usually hard for me to tell  how the event goes because I spend so much time running back and forth from the back food area and the main room, and the entry way, etc. I feel like a blur the entire time, but  hopefully everyone was as pleased as they seemed.

This event took longer because after it ended at 9:45 pm, I had to tear down, clean & reset the entire room for a wedding reception this Saturday {the brides get to decorate the day before.} So it was a late night for me, and I was back at our Springfield venue bright and early this morning setting up for another wedding we have on Sunday. Then Saturday night in Urbana, I get to do it all over {tear down, clean & reset} for third reception on Sunday there. Whew!

I’m just trying to remember to have patience & be a willing servant to others. Just make it through Sunday night. :)


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