Thursday, October 28, 2010

Engagement session group two.

After work yesterday, I squeezed in a short one-hour volleyball lesson with a local twelve-year-old. She has a big tryout coming up this weekend, so she wanted some help with her net-play and diving/collapse digs. I’m really good at forgetting how much I miss volleyball until I get back in a gym. I wish I had time or the flexibility to coach a team, but because of my work with events on the weekend, it just isn’t an option. Volleyball’s such a great sport & the longer I go without being around it, the more I appreciate it’s impact on my life.

Okay, now, onto the last round of Smat’s engagement pics. I’ll add a little more color commentary for these, just for a bit of spice. ;)

This picture below is in front of Myers Hall at Wittenberg. I explained the legend of the horse ghost & this building in an earlier post here…perfect for the Halloween season, ha!


Seriously, how cute are they! Smat should like this one because she’s actually taller than Travis, for once! :)


I love how his blue eyes pop in this one.


Travis proposed to Smat on this seal. She had to convince him that it was okay to stand on it for the pic because it’s super bad luck for a student to stand on it {he’s not a student, but we still get nervous to step on it!}


Showing off the new bling…


I love that the outline of their heads kind of make a heart shape in this pic…


Maybe this is newspaper engagement announcement worthy?


And my favorite from this group. I love the leaves, ivy, soft sunshine, stairway…


So, what do ya think – like ‘em?


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  1. Love 'em! I'm partial to the one in front of Meyers. :-)


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