Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashing back to the best game of my life.

Tonight I’m super excited to watch the Wittenberg Volleyball team play the #1 D3 team in the Nation, and it literally makes my adrenalin rush thinking about it because I can’t help but flash back to one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. {Sounds like a big statement, but it’s true.}


October 27, 2007, my senior year of college, we were ranked #2 in the nation and played Juniata, ranked #1 at our home court in front of 1,400 fans




{The full match story is here.} I was blessed enough to have a great match that day and blocked well. Just playing in front of all those screaming fans was amazing – words can’t describe the feeling from that game.

I enjoyed that match so much, I’m excited for another generation of the team to experience it too. :) It will also be super great to visit with my past teammates!


Oh I miss playing this sport!  Okay, that’s all the gushing for now. Happy Friday, all!


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