Friday, January 31, 2014

And therefore I have hope.

My mom decided to begin picking a passage out of the Bible and memorizing one each week. I asked if I could join along, so the past two weeks we’ve been challenging ourselves together. I thought it might be nice to share each week’s passage on my blog – for others to join along or just so I can look back at all the passages we picked.

Here’s the first week, my mom’s pick:

Lamentations 3

I especially liked that before it says His mercies are new every morning {the part I’ve always remembered and heard repeated}, it says that His mercies never come to an end. Not only does God give us new mercies each morning, but they never come to an end! I just picture blessing upon blessing multiplied each day as new ones begin with the sunrise. The Lord is my portion, and I will hope in Him.<3


Monday, January 20, 2014

Closer to two.

How can you not smile at this face?


She’s over 19 months old. For non-parents, that’s over a year and a half! {Why is it that parents talk in terms of weeks for pregnancy rather than months, and months for babies rather than years? I never understood that!} It’s crazy to think that she’s closer to two than one now. Oh, I’m loving her sweet, spunky, sassy, loving personality! I’ve been seriously slacking in the blogging department lately, but honestly, I don’t really feel bad about it. I’m busy living life with my family, working hard, and {trying to} be present in the moments. That doesn’t leave much time for photos, editing, writing, and blogging, but at the same time, I don’t want to get to kindergarten registration and have no record of the happy, big moments. So here’s a quick catch-up on the little one. {I think I’m going to have to come up with a new blog-name for my girl…she’s not quite so little anymore!}

It was warmer today {above freezing}, so we bundled up to burn some energy outside while shoveling the driveway. She loves putting on her hats. Miss independent.




She’s such a happy, easy-going girl. Just like she was as a baby. I love that she takes after her very “chill” daddy.


She’s still waiting on a few more teeth, but most are in now. You can’t tell in these pictures, but her hair is getting really long too. It’s about shoulder length – really makes her look less like a baby and more like a little girl.



She is all about trying whatever she sees someone else doing. Momma shovels, she shovels. Momma coughs, she coughs. Momma folds laundry, she “folds” laundry. It’s so fun to watch her little mind be challenged with each new activity she insists on trying. And I’m continually amazed at her ability.


Her newest thing is saying “CHEEEEZZE!” anytime she sees a camera or phone. I guess we’ve entered the fake toddler smile stage. It’s still pretty darn cute if you ask me. :)


She’s also very stubborn. {Probably gets that from me, unfortunately.} If she wants something, its very difficult to persuade her otherwise. I try hard to find a balance of encouraging her independent thinking but also maintaining strong, clear parental veto power. {I sound crazy here, don’t I?!}


She has a serious silly side to her. She likes to sneak up behind people – usually her dad – and surprise/scare them. She and her auntie like to make silly faces back and forth, and she thinks it’s funny to make some really odd noises.


If she’s eating something she likes {i.e. chili, hummus, cheese, crackers, pretzels, cereal} she will eat like a sumo wrestler. No kidding, this girl can eat an adult portion plus some of chili. She’s not so good at eating healthy, fresh food, but we’re still working on that.

She has quite an extensive vocabulary. She’s strung a few words together to make phrases, but for the most part the words are usually used singularly. Skip past this part if you’re bored…some of her words {other than names and animal sounds} include: ball, cat, baby “bebbies”, sleep, eat, cracker, arm, bath, book, Bible, milk, cheese, down, up, help, poop, ice, rock, apple, hot, ouch, door, dip, bowl, yep, no, go, dark…the list goes on. I’m excited for when she begins speaking even more. I can tell we’re on the cusp of it because she’s getting really frustrated lately – like temper tantrum frustrated – when she wants to say something but just can’t figure out how.

She’s great at independent play, but she much prefers to boss willing people around to play with her {namely her Nana and her Grandma!} Her favorite toy is her baby, but her favorite activity is probably listening to music {I Saw the Light by David  Crowder & Speak Life by TobyMac are her requests.} She sings, but that deserves a post of its own. She’s currently obsessed with Dr. Seuss books. I’ve read Mr. Brown Can Moo and Green Eggs and Ham around 15 times each day the last week! She also loves to go to Eugene’s school. She plays in the gym, walks the halls, climbs the stairs, waves at people, and watches a variety of sports games. It’s her little slice of heaven.

This has been such a fun ride, and I feel so privileged to get to ride it. I can’t wait to see how much more I can add to all this as she begins to head into toddlerhood. I have a feeling she’s going to be quite the two-year-old!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Living room update.

Having a one and a half year old and a big dog aren’t easy on rugs. The last rug I had was too small for the room, and it also didn’t clean up well. The room’s changed just slightly since I first bought the rug.


The past year or more, we’ve gone rug-less in the living room, and I’ve been looking for the right rug {in my budget} for quite some time now. Libby & I took a girls trip to Garden Ridge in hopes to finally purchase a rug. The rug below was my first choice. It was close to an 8x10, but was only $100! After some considerations, the fact that it was low pile and the background was an almond color {shows dirt easily}, I decided to keep looking.

photo 1

I settled on a medium bluish grey rug that’s a high pile shag. Eugene loves soft comfy rugs, and he was the biggest proponent of getting a new rug so I thought he’d be a happy with my choice.

photo 2

I also brought home a nice soft shag rug and some fart {faux art.} ;) The blues, yellows, and greens in the canvas tie in the kitchen color scheme nicely.


So here are the rug and canvas in place…



This is the view from the dining area into the living room. On an unrelated note, we finally filled in the floor gap from when we had the half-wall removed. Next on the list – new kitchen flooring, or at the very least, a transition strip. I hadn’t planned on going with grey for a rug. I’m really not a grey girl – or a neutral girl, for that matter. Go figure, my living room is full of tans, whites, and now grey. I see some bright, bold throw pillows, maybe even a colorful bunting in the near future.


I like the soft yellow, blues, and greens make it slightly serene. Serene is always good for a full-time working Coordinator and also stay-at-home momma with a toddler. Yep, I’ll take all the serene I can get.


Here’s a close-up of the rug. It’s so soft and comfy. The pup is in heaven; he hated the slippery wood floor, so now he’s content as can be just snoozing on the rug.


I love that the art coordinates well with the River Reed green paint color from the kitchen. Even looks smooth with the plate wall.



I can’t decide if I want to hang the canvas or keep it leaning. If I hang it, I may remove my vinyl phrase. I also want to dream up some re-do plan for the fireplace hearth extension. Thoughts anyone? I still have some green mosaic glass tile leftover from our kitchen backsplash, but I think that might be a bit much.

My total came to $214.50, and I had a $100 visa gift card from a wedding I worked, $40 from a Christmas gift, and a 10% coupon so my out of pocket expense was only $53.05! Yay for a room upgrade well within my budget!

So, what do you think? Like my fart? ;)


Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, same Friends.

We spent New Year’s Eve doing the same casual thing we always do – hanging out with our friends, Libby & Scott. The four of us have ended the year together for the past 10 years. It’s simple, predictable, and perfect.


The little one gets pumped when we go to their house because she gets to play with all their trucks and trains.



She also loves cuddling with the boys. Hugs for Brooks…


Rocks with Griff…


Loungin’ with Uncle Scott…


And stories from Auntie Lib….


We enjoyed tacos, the annual salsa & cream cheese dip, brownies, and laughs. Our wild New Year’s Eve night ended by 9pm because of bed times. Times have changed slightly over the last decade.


We’ve missed a year here and there for traveling or weather, and I think we missed last year because the little one was sick, but we’ve done a pretty darn good job sticking together. We are so blessed to have this set of friends to grow up with…and oh how our yearly photos have changed!


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