Monday, July 19, 2010

A day date.

Saturday, Eugene & Dillan filled in for me at work as our bar tenders. They did such a great job & I really think they enjoyed it entirely too much! It was a nice, responsible crowd at the wedding, so that always helps the evening to go well, and my evening went so much quicker spending it with my husband. Here’s a picture from the wedding…for once, nothing went wrong, no minor detail, no huge problem {like a 100 year old man breaking his hip on the dance floor like last week!}


Sunday, we went to church and left a bit early because Eugene’s dad gave us free tickets and a parking pass. It was nice to have a day date with just the two of us – we don’t do that very often.




The sun was beautiful and the temperature was Hot Hot. We’re talking 90s and above. It felt amazing to spend the day outside soaking up the rays…even if I was drenched in sweat. When we finally got some ice water in the 7th inning, it seemed like the best darn iced water that had ever touched my lips. Eugene looked at me and said, “now that’s what I call refreshing!” {You had to hear his tone…I promise, it was funny in person.}


We stopped for another birthday party on our way home. The birthday girl’s on the right and her cousin, Ava, in the yellow next to her. They both offered me their candy simultaneously. Cuties!


Speaking of cuties, Eugene fought over who got to wear the princess crown. He can be very aggressive as you can see.


At the party, I got asked to shoot Ava’s pictures sometime and my sister-in-law also asked if I would do her senior pictures. Guess I’m picking up a side job as a photographer…sounds like fun to me! Hope they don’t mind rookie pictures!

Lastly, on a more serious note, if anyone besides me reads this blog, can you please say a quick pray for Eugene’s aunt Jennifer? She recovered a while ago from breast cancer, but yesterday they found masses in her lungs and pelvis. She and her husband have two little boys, and I’m sure would covet your prayers for her. Prayer is so powerful. {Thank you.}


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