Monday, October 25, 2010

A weekend of photo sessions.

Friday after work, I took pictures of little Ava and her growing family with a baby sister on the way {mentioned & photographed here.} Ava was such a quick mover it was a bit of a challenge for my unprofessional self to keep the blur out, but I enjoyed laughing with them & attempting to get some good shots. I really hope they’re pleased with them! Here’s just a few to get started…more tomorrow probably.









And for my favorite…


Let me know whatcha think or if ya  have a favorite one. :)

Then on Saturday we watched Eugene’s sister play soccer in her first high school conference game & then left early to go work my two wedding events. Sunday was church – tackling the 2 year olds alone because Eugene is sick. {Okay, tackling probably isn’t the best word choice! Let’s try “watching”!} After church, I met up with an old college teammate to take some engagement pictures for her. The sun was out bright since we had to meet early in the afternoon, so the shadows & rays were a new challenge for me, but I hope a few turn out okay. { I’ll post those later this week.}

Then Sunday evening, we had a ladies’ dinner at Los Mariachi’s & some time shopping together with the women in Eugene’s extended family.

I’ve really enjoyed taking & editing pictures, so I’m hoping that {despite my lack of formal training} the end results are pleasing to others too!


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  1. Really great pictures. Love the first one with the light.


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