Thursday, October 21, 2010

{S}he’s makin’ a list & checkin’ it twice.

Is it bad that I already have a big ol’ list of things I’d love to get for Christmas…or for any random occasion?! {And is it bad that I keep adding to this, even after I originally posted it!?!} I have always struggled since I was little to ask for things, accept gifts, or even think of things I’d like to have, but now that I’m married, watching my pennies for big purchases {house & college loans}, I can think of tons of things I’d love to have or am starting to need.

First  & mostly – the “nifty fifty” lens for my Canon. It’s a 1.8/50mm lens that’s supposed to be the best you can get considering it’s small price tag. I realize small relative, but for lenses this is as low as it gets. {Why are all lenses around $500 or more each?!}



I also want to get Photoshop, but I think Eugene’s brother said he could get this for me. {I hope so!}


Second –  All my hoodies have stains on them. {I think I’ve been hanging out with Eugene too much ;)} Plus I only have Witt volleyball hoodies, so I’d really like/somewhat need a few hoodies or casual shirts that are nice enough to wear in public or even to work when I have to set up for events.

image {p.s although I like this shirt, I really don’t like Old Navy because their return policy is so bad + their sizes run small + their clothes seem to wear out quickly.}

image {I love the fabric of these Under Armour hoodies, but stupid pricey, plus I don’t love love the huge logo.}

Third – now, I know no one’s gonna get me a sofa, but I’m hoping to save up enough “fun-cash” to buy a sofa set…that is, once we have a house. Considering the fact that my current sofa’s older than I am, is pink {under the slip cover}, & is missing its feet, it’d be really nice to add a new sofa/loveseat combo…even if they’re not top quality to start with.

image {Eugene LOVES chaise lounge feature on sofas.}

Fourth – again, sticking with the trend of needing new casual clothes. I could use a new pair of long jeans {I’m 6’ so xlong jeans is a must & always a challenge to find.} These aren’t a big deal, but would nice to have.


I also need to get a better bathing suit for a vaca we’re taking with Eugene’s family in December. My current bathing suit was bought for my honeymoon & that was back when I was running like a fool to get in top shape for the wedding. Yeah, I think I’m gonna be leaning towards the lovely tankini.


I’ve passed these by so many times, just because they’re totally unnecessary, but I’d like to add a mini muffin pan and a springform pan to my baking arsenal.



My favorite & only perfume – Burberry Brit - is almost out. I was able to make it last for two years, but it’s about time to replenish. Walgreens has 1/2 off sales on this around Christmas time, so I may be able to score a deal.


I also need a new wallet. {Well, need might be a bit strong, but I could definitely use an updated wallet!} I like the flat clutch kind like this…


And because I love my chocolate, I’ve asked Eugene for some nutella in my stocking. {Only my teammates will get this joke, so don’t take offense…but “you know your a fatty when…you ask for chocolate spread for Christmas!} I ate Nutella on French bread every breakfast on my honeymoon, so I think it’d be a nice treat to have around, but not something I’m ever going to buy myself!


Ok, I need to make myself stop! This is too fun! :) Although, I will probably always struggle accepting gifts {I’d much rather give than get}, it’s getting pretty easy for me to dream up a wish list!


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