Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just keep on keepin’ on.

I didn’t go into the office yesterday. I have a wicked few days ahead of me {huge event Thursday, wedding reception Saturday, and two wedding receptions Sunday}, so I needed to stay home in order to {attempt to} preserve my sanity this week. I slept in a little bit, which was much needed since I’ve been fighting off a cold for a week. Then I tried to be productive…did laundry, washed the stinky pup, cleaned the bathroom, got groceries…all fun stuff. We’ve just been so busy that the little stuff has been pushed aside, so it was nice to cross some of the necessary evils off the to-do list.


Pour pup has allergies bad {see his sad eyes!}, but at least he smells better now.

Then I headed over to watch my man coach. He’s really quite good, despite the fact that basketball’s not his ideal sport to coach.


He’s super patient {which is really impressive, if you know him you can understand}, and he’s very clear-spoken, focused, encouraging yet realistic, and runs a fast-paced practice. I enjoyed seeing him work.


Then an hour after practice, we met with his team and had our first devotion meeting. Just the basic stuff – getting to know each other, learning pet peeves, what encourages them, what doesn’t, dream jobs, goals for the season. They seem like a lively bunch of young women, and I’m looking forward to our weekly devotion meetings. Oh, and they requested to study the book Crazy Love too – without me even mentioning it. {Guess God really wants me to look into that book!}

My goal for the rest of the week is to just keep on keepin’ on, taking it one day hour at a time. To say that Eugene & I have crazy schedules & lots on our plates right now is definitely an understatement. He’s so busy with first year teaching and coaching, and this month is jam packed for my work, but we’ll make it through. I’m just thankful we both have jobs… and each other. :)


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