Monday, October 18, 2010

{So much} quality time.

I really need to figure out another way to describe my weekends rather than the usual “crazy-busy” descriptor. Friday night, Eugene had 3 of his college friends over & my living room was instantly filled with ESPN, rankings, player statistics, The Office recaps, nachos & cheese, and other manly stuff. He enjoyed the visit with the guys.

Saturday morning, the guys enjoyed the best doughnuts in the entire world…


And then we headed to Eugene’s parents’ place where my sister-in-law played hairdresser for me {reversing the roles} and dyed  my hair slightly darker for the cooler weather. I went from this beachy blonde…


To a dark autumnal blonde…


I think I like it, but I guess the verdict’s still out. {PS I’m really not a fan of the solo pics of me on the blog. Ugh. But I think it helps to show my sister the color…you better enjoy this close-up, Casey!}

Jordan worked an event with me on Saturday, and then Sunday after church we took the pup with us to the park for a family birthday party for Eugene’s grandma Dottie.


It was a perfect Fall day for a picnic, nice & warm outside, sun shining, and the leaves were falling from the tall trees the entire time.


I also got to snap a few pics of our second cousin, Ava, while she was playing on the playground. I’m doing a family session with her later this week, so this will be just a preview of more to come. :)






It was a perfect day for the camera.


Oh, and Eugene’s basketball team was off on Fall Break for the second half of this week & this weekend, so that freed up at least 9 extra hours just for us. It – was – amazing. I love quality time with him & it was much needed with our busy schedules lately and the pressure from the stressful decisions we’ve been making.


And because today marks 7 years together with him, here’s a special shout-out to tell him how thankful I am for him. He’s my best friend & he makes me so happy. Our journey together since we were 17 years old has been happy, scary, unexpected, sad, exciting, nerve-wracking, joyful, hilarious, friendship-filled, and absolutely unbelievable. I love him {so much}.


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