Thursday, October 14, 2010

The offer’s on the table.

Well, last night we wrote an offer up for the house I mentioned in an earlier post here. We had a roofer come out and give us an estimate, and a handyman who works with me also looked through the house and gave us estimates. After all that, plus talking with two different lending representatives throughout the day, we felt confident that we would be making a wise choice to submit an offer.

We found out today that there has definitely been another offer submitted, but since the house is bank-owned, it’s hard to tell how they will make their decision; plus, we have no idea if the other offer is higher or requires less inspections. So it’s going to be a tough one for us to get, but who knows. God’s got it under control, and I fully believe that if He wants us to have this house as a blessing, He will make it happen. {I pray that He does!}

If you have a sec & are willing, please say a quick prayer that this house works out for us, if it’s God’s will. Thanks!

And because this post is pretty measly, here’s a random thing. Pioneer Woman had a challenge for people to take her straight-out-of-the-camera photograph {here}…


…and edit it in your own style – however you’d like. I like editing pictures, so I gave it a whirl. And here’s what I came up with.


Thrilling, huh. {Not really.}

I’m hoping to enjoy this absolutely gorgeous weather this afternoon/evening. It’s a perfect sunny Fall day here in the buckeye state. :)


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