Saturday, October 26, 2013

Madeline Costumes.

I think my sister and I may have set the bar too high with last year’s costumes…


This year I knew I had to work a ton and my sister works lots too {which leaves less time to create costumes}, so we didn’t quite achieve “chicken level” with this year’s costumes, but they turned out pretty cute.

I picked up some blue dresses from a thrift store, and my sister got some white Easter hats from JCP. We added some red ribbon, white tights, and yellow coloring for the hats, and we ended up with our version of Madeline.

Madeline Costume 18

P.S. if you try to make this costume – RIT dye will not work on the hats. I tried twice. I ended up using spray paint…not sure how kid-safe that is, but they only wore them for a really brief time since it was such a cold evening.

Madeline Costume 1b

These cousins absolutely love each other. Best friends, {just like their mommas.}

Madeline Costume 13

Madeline Costume 10

Madeline Costume 5

Madeline Costume 6

Madeline Costume 12

Madeline Costume 8

Madeline Costume 9

Madeline Costume 14

Madeline Costume 16

Madeline Costume 17

Madeline Costume 11

They crack me up. When they’re together, it’s nothing but smiles & giggles. {Wondrous thing for sure!} Happy Halloween to you - from our little Madelines! :)


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Family & Fall.

Since I was already going to the Park to take pictures of my best friend’s family, I figured I should pounce on the opportunity to have my family meet me there afterwards and take a few of us. Eugene’s lovely sister snapped some shots for me.






We got some Fall family photos last year at this time, and it’s so fun to see how much the little one has changed!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best friend mini-mini session.

My best friend asked me for a quick photo session instead of a gift for little Brooks’ birthday present. And by quick, I mean real quick. With two energetic little guys, we had to move fast and cross our fingers that a few of the shots would actually turn out.

Here’s the beautiful family…


The little one loves hanging with Griff & Brooks. Aren’t they so handsome?






I love that Brooks and his daddy have the such similar expressions in the photo below!


Eh, got 3 out of 4 to look at the camera. ;)


And this pic below cracks me up…classic toddler, heading straight for the “do not enter.”



The photo below is just a candid one, but I thought it was cute so I included it.



True friends are a rare find. Eugene & I have been friends with this family since we were just babies hanging out after a high school football game, long before any of us even dreamed of growing families of our own. I am so thankful for this family – for their friendship, for their Godly model, for the full times of silly laughter we’ve shared all these years.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The little one has been showing a silly side lately. The picture below was sent to me one Monday while I was in the office working. That’s a rubber bracelet, in case you were wondering. She also has pretty much all her top teeth, but still just has the two front bottom teeth and two bottom molars. Silly girl.


This Sunday afternoon, my girl & I took advantage of some gorgeous weather. She’s been fighting a cold, but I think being outside did her some good. She was pretty “chill” at first…


Then decided to use me as her recliner…


Then the straight-up-sillies came out as we laid in the grass together. I love her little big personality.


As I mentioned. she’s been fighting some sort of cold bug recently. Great Goldie bought her a Snoopy stuffed animal, and that guy was her best bud for a few nights when she struggled to sleep.


She’s been snuggling lots lately, and she still sometimes sleeps with her eyes open, although not as much as when she was a newborn.


When she’s sick, it’s always forehead to forehead, her little arm under my neck, and her stuffy snoring in Momma’s ear. I hate when she’s sick, but I treasure the close times of comfort with her.


She perked up a bit when I gave her half of a pumpkin donut for the first time. She said, “Mmmmmm.” {Smart girl.}


Here’s hoping her we can kick the cold to the curb soon. I want more smiles from my silly girl!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The past few weekends have been centered around family. Most Fridays we have pizza night with Eugene’s family. Sometimes we even get to bring Cate along, and the best cousin friends {I’ve got to come up with a better name than that} get to enjoy a pizza picnic…


The little one met her Great Great Uncle Bob & Aunt Bobbie as they visited from Michigan{along with her oh-so-loved Great (Grandma) Goldie, Grandma, Grandpa, MamaSissy and Cate}. She loved looking through Uncle Bob’s pictures on his camera…


Also during the visit, Eugene got ambushed by the wild girlies…


We attempted a family picture since we were dressed for church that morning. This is the best we got – hair in my face & a scowling little one.


We also got to be there for Auntie Heidi’s senior night for soccer…




The little one loves being outside, and especially loves dancing to the warm-up music, so she’s usually a happy camper at soccer games…



We also tried to visit Eugene during our lunch break a few times. He has been working so hard teaching, coaching golf, and coaching baseball, so there were quite a few days he would leave before dawn and not get back until 9 or 10 at night. Since he didn’t get to see the little one those days, we’d attempt to do a quick drop in to surprise him with a hug. I’m not sure who liked it more, the little one or her Dada. ;)


I’m thankful we live close to both our families, and that our weekends are filled with visits from both sets of parents/grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters. It’s been fun watching our immediate family shape and mature as the little one is growing. I’ve been thinking lately about family legacies. We leave a legacy for our families whether we plan to or not and whether it’s positive or not. I pray that Eugene & I are intention about what we want our legacy to be. We’re young, but I want to be cautious not to let my legacy just be a haphazard summary of our busy lives. I want a purposeful {not to be misunderstood for perfect} legacy, one that whispers grace, and mercy, and love. One that is real and raw, showing beauty through honest ashes. One that prioritizes the eternal over the temporary. One that sings God’s song through our children and our children’s children. I’m thankful for those in my family who have left and are leaving a purposeful legacy. And I’m thankful to live everyday moments with them along the way.


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