Monday, October 11, 2010

She works hard for her money.

Cue Donna Summer “She Works Hard for the Money,” and this becomes my weekend soundtrack {minus the big hair, creepy background men dancers with white gloves, & black and white sequin dress} ;)

Okay, so I’m glad to say that I’ve made it through my crazy weekend alive. {PTL!} I figured out my hours last night on my drive home…I worked 53 hours in four days. Wow.  Yeah, that’s nuts, but at least I made it through and all four events went well for the most part.

I had a few hours on Saturday morning to count for my weekend, so Eugene & I slept in, and then we enjoyed a French toast breakfast.



Oh, and I also enjoyed looking at my fresh flower arrangement on my dining room table that I was given at the ACS event on Thursday as a thank-you for my help with their event. {Lovely dahlia – reminds me of my wedding bouquet.}


And then I headed to Urbana for wedding reception number one…




Then I stayed late to tear down, clean up, & reset for Sunday morning. And back at it first in Springfield for a 10.10.10 wedding reception on Sunday…




Then once I got everything all set in Springfield, I rushed back to Urbana for the second 10.10.10 reception occurring at the same time…




I’m thankful for the prayers my friends have been offering up for me to get through this weekend of work-overload. It was definitely God’s doing that I made it through the 53 hours.

So, all that work leaves a pretty boring post for the blog this weekend, but here’s to hoping next weekend allows for a little more me-time!


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