Friday, September 20, 2013


Here are some things that take up my daily happenings the last few weeks:

image (2)

Walks with little blonde cousins who make my sidewalks beautiful.

photo 4 (4)-horz

I made these a while ago. I wanted something sweet, but all I had was chocolate bark, marshmallows, and a few graham crackers. Voila – smore poppers.They were pretty tasty actually.


Peek-a-boo with my love.


She thought she was hot stuff this night - eating on the deck with two bibs & sunglasses.

image_5 (2)

Eugene & I went to a wedding this summer.


I love car rides/road trips with him. I’m so thankful we’re friends, not just husband & wife. I also love that he cracks himself up. I never laugh very hard at his jokes, but he always laughs at his own jokes, which then makes me laugh. Guaranteed smiles.


Eugene gets his workout with the little one…

photo 1-horz

We try to go on a walk every evening after dinner together. On the days that I’m working in the office, this view is what gets me though. After twelve hours away some days, taking a nice long walk while thanking God for the sunset and this sunshine is just what I need.

photo 2 (4)

So there’s a totally random grouping of mainly iphone photos that are long overdue for posting. :)

Happy Friday, ya’ll!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gym rat.

The little one’s always loved the gym. I guess she comes by it naturally with a momma who played college volleyball and a dada who played college baseball and now coaches every sport possible. Remember these gym pics from way back?




Well, she still loves being in the gym. She went from a little baby in an old high school gym {above} to a little girl in a new, shiny, high school gym {below.}


I’ve taken her to see my college volleyball’s team play twice now. She sits for two hours just watching in awe at the game. It’s her little heaven: balls, noise, clapping, music, and a crowd to wave to.


I couldn’t get her to look away from the team warming up to take a picture. This was as good as I could get…


The college mascot, Ezry, snapped the little one’s pic – too cute!


Here’s a quick clip of her in awe…

I won’t hide it; it makes me happy that she loves being in the gym as much as Eugene & I do! :)


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Her true loves.

Yesterday, the little one got to enjoy lunch with her Dada in his classroom. Eugene’s been working crazy hours between coaching two teams and teaching. Since all that translates into less time he gets to be with the little one, I thought we’d stop by his school during the lunch break. I think it made his day, her day, and mine too.

school visit3

school visit

school visit2

school visit4

school visit5

Later that evening, she got some cuddle time with her other true love – her puppy. These two have a very special bond. These twelve cell photos show the progression of her affection, and let’s be honest, he loves every bit of it.


puppy love 1

puppy love 5

puppy love 3

puppy love 11

puppy love 6

puppy love 4

puppy love 8

puppy love 2

puppy love 10

puppy love 9

puppy love 12

And my personal favorite…

puppy love 7

This girl loves her Dada, and she loves her pup. And I love all three.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Fifteen months.

Can you tell it’s busy season for events? I’ve been so swamped with work & life that I haven’t had the chance to keep up with blogging. My girl is fifteen months old this week. Fifteen. Why is it that time goes faster once you have a child? Someone explain it to me, cause I just don’t get it. But it sure is true.


She’s changed so much since I last posted an update on her birthday. I know I’m biased, but she’s so smart, like scary smart sometimes. For instance, she loves to try to eat the pup’s dog food {no, that’s not the smart part…obviously}. So we’ve been working on teaching her that the food is the dog’s. The story goes like this:

Little One: picks up dog food and hovers it over her mouth while looking at me with a smile,  waiting for me to tell her no.
Me: “We don’t eat dog food, do we? Whose food is that?”
Little One: “Dahg! Dahg!”
Me: “Right! So put it back for the dog.”
Little One: carries the piece of dog food to the coffee table, and places it on a magazine – right on the mouth of the golden retriever pictured on the cover of the magazine. “Dahg!”

She cracks me up!

She is very observant. She’s always mimicking us. Eugene puts a hat on; she reaches and takes it off his head and puts it on hers. I write out to-do lists; she grabs a pen and starts scribbling on her paper. Nana washes her hands; she climbs up the step stool and holds her hands under the faucet. She doesn’t miss a beat.


She uses sign language very often – thank you, more, please, eat, same, bath, help, water, I love you {my favorite}. I’m really thankful we taught her some signs. Especially “more.” It has come in incredibly handy to know when she wants something in particular.


She’s also talking more words. She says “yah” so often. Every question I ask her prompts a quick, “Yah!” and a very assertive nod of her head. She says, “hereyago” every time she hands me something. She also still says “ut oh” constantly. All. The. Time. She says: hello, hot, ball, dog, Nana, Mama, Dada, Papa, banana. She’s just starting to try to repeat new words more this week.


She likes to do meticulous, orderly activities like putting lids on Tupperware containers, taking toy eggs out of a crate and putting them back in, or stacking her shoes in a basket. Oh, and she’s obsessed with shoes. Always handing people their shoes. It’s so bad that my niece hides her shoes when she comes to my house because she doesn’t want the little one to mess with them!


She’s still right around 90 percentile in height and 50 in weight. She’s my long & lean girl {no surprise there.} She’s also a pretty good eater. She loves carbs – pretzels, cereal, crackers. She also loves bananas, yogurt, veggie chicken patties, and cottage cheese. She’s pretty good at trying new stuff, but doesn’t necessarily eat a variety of foods. She just sticks with her favorites, but I’m working on her. ;)


Oh, and praise the Lord, we’ve finally reached the point where she will fall asleep on her own {without me holding her!} in her crib. YAYAYA! I love cuddling her, but it’s so nice not to have an hour and a half bedtime routine.



She loves walks, swinging, running, and getting dirty outside. Girl’s not afraid of a mess, that’s for sure! Oh, and I think she will potty train early. She actually tells me sometimes when she has a dirty diaper and loves sitting on the potty. She hates hates hates the church nursery. It’s about 90% of the time that I get paged to come get her. And this is usually the face I see…


Poor girl is persistent, which can certainly be a good and bad/challenging trait. She’s inquisitive, kindhearted, sweet, loving, silly, and smart.


She’s chock full of personality – makes our lives so much fun! We’re beyond blessed with each month spent watching our little one grow.


She is joy!


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