Monday, August 23, 2010

A weekend for the dog.

Another jam-packed weekend for us. Go figure. We took Espn to Wiggley Field, the dog park down the road from us, to see if it would give him some exercise on Friday night. Mission accomplished! He sprinted all over, chasing this little brown dog for a good 45 minutes.



We ate some homemade sweet & sour chicken Chinese food that we used a packet of seasoning for…and let me tell you it was nasty! Eugene liked it, but I thought it tasted like ketchup gone bad on some chicken and rice. Ugh.

Saturday, we decided to go for a run to give the pup some exercise before my long evening of work. So we headed to the Reservoir since the rain from that morning had let up {so we thought.}


Um, kind of got stuck in a down pour about half-way through the run.


We were all a soggy mess for the ride home, but at least it made for a cooler run.

Sunday after church, my good friend from high school, Britney, stopped by our place for some lunch. I made a pork tenderloin in the slow cooker {recipe to come} with some mashed potatoes. The meal was good & the visit was even better.


Right went Britney left, Eugene & I loaded the pup into the car and headed to his parents’ place. Eugene’s aunt, Jen, the one I asked for prayers for a while back, was in town with her two boys for a visit. Jen’s battling through daily radiation treatments, and I am thoroughly amazed and inspired by her positive attitude. It was wonderful to visit with her for a while.


This is Jen with her two boys {below.}


There were also other people from the that side of the family around, including three little girls to play with Jen’s two boys.



And I’m pleased to say that the pup did SO well with the crowd and with the kids! He hasn’t been around children much, so I was very relieved to see he was gentle, patient, and cautious around the little ones. {Silly, but it’s a wondrous thing to me!}


The kids had lots of fun on the trampoline. It definitely made for some fun pictures!




This little one wasn’t old enough for the trampoline, so she kept busy with other things, like watermelon. Isn’t she cute…even with juice dripping off her chin!


She decided to play outside on the deck…


…where she met the pup…


…and he told us she needed a diaper change!


It was another busy weekend, but good times with family, friends, & dogs. ;)


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