Saturday, July 27, 2013

Florida vacation–part one.

Eugene & I had a great opportunity to finally take a vacation. This is the first real vacation since our honeymoon four years ago, so it was much needed & much appreciated!
This is basically a photo dump from the first few days of our vacation. If you’re not into lots of cute baby pictures, skip this post. Fair warning. ;)
I was nervous about taking the little one {the very active little one} on her first flight, but to my surprise she was fantastic. She was so excited when we first found our seats, and then happily sat on my lap, slept some, played some, and ate some until we arrived to Florida safely…
She even brushed her teeth a little in the airports…what a sight!
When we arrived at our friend’s house, she was a little shy and not quite herself {tired and stomach ache, I think}, but after a day or so she’s really opened up and relaxed.
florida vaca
We’re blessed to be staying with one of Eugene’s best friends from college. He and his wife also have a one-year-old, so it’s been awesome staying with people who are basically walking through the exact same phase of life as we are right now. The girls have had lots of play time together, and they’ve been getting along great!
The little one didn’t sleep great the first night away, and she woke up pretty early, so Eugene & I took her on a walk in her pjs. We happened upon a cute little park/playground…
park & pjs2-horz
Later that day, we took advantage of some great weather and took the girls to the beach. This was the little one’s first experience with the beach & she was a fan for sure! She tried to eat some seashells…
eating shells
The girls stayed occupied playing in the sand & getting really messy…
girls in sand2
Baby toes in the sand. Seriously so cute!
feet in the sand
Jordyn crawling-horz
Jordyn sand
on beach
Jordyn sand2
sand fun
with dada in ocean
sandy bum
with mama in ocean2
We also have spent some good time in our friends’ pool.
pool fun
by pool
babies surfing
The little one has always been afraid of pools and swimming, but she’s finally overcome her fear! I have a really cute video on instagram of her jumping in, but it didn’t save to my phone, so I’m not sure how I can get it onto my blog. {Suggestions are welcome!} Here are some pictures of our pool time…
Jordyn face2-horz
jordyn jump2
Jordyn surfing-horz
We also walked along the beach/pier last night and enjoyed a fish dinner at a fun outdoor restaurant.
family of 3
The girls loved the live music & all the attention from other people at the restaurant…

dinner date2
dinner date3
dinner date5
dinner date4
dinner date
We’ve also enjoyed the little daily things together like morning playtime, snack time, bath time…
Jordyn pjs
girls playing
We’re about halfway through our first family vacation, and it’s been such a great time! {Wondrous things in abundance.}

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

House tour: little one’s room.

In continuing with the virtual house tour, let’s move onto another bedroom. The bedroom we converted into the little one’s room started out yellow…




And there’s a small half bath attached to this bedroom. Here’s the “before”…


For a while, pre-baby, I turned the room into a guest room without painting or anything…




And then we found out the little one was coming & I got to work creating a happy, colorful spot for her. This included lots of DIY projects: button light, button adjustable crib skirt, orange fitted crib sheet, colorful mobile, & orange changing table.








The half-bath’s still “in progress,” but it’s come a long way with beadboard walls, new flooring, new toilet, & new sink…





It cracks me up to compare these to when I first revealed the nursery {before the little one was here.} These have so much more real life clutter – toys, and towels, and diaper bags. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I really love how bright and crisp this room turned out. I realize not everyone loves color the way I do, but I think the room shouts joy when you walk in…perfect for my joyful little one. :)


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