Sunday, April 29, 2012

Church shower.

I was blessed by a baby shower at my church last week. It was at 11:00 am and offered a smorgasbord of my favorite brunch items…








I loved the bright bold colors…




The centerpieces were made with love – baby sock bouquets! {with the same paper I decoupage onto my changing table shelves.} :)



My perfect meal – I really believe Schuler’s chocolate cream filled {and whole wheat} doughnuts will be in heaven…


Eugene was so pumped when I showed him these Reds onesies…


So many generous & fabulous gifts for the little one!




A super adorable diaper cake with little hair clips as decorations…



This is my Life Group. Love my growing relationship with these women & so thankful for their continual prayers for the little one since I first found out about her!


And these are the lovely ladies from my small group. Such fun!


What a wonderful shower! I am so blessed {and so is this little one!}


Saturday, April 21, 2012

A visit.

I enjoyed a long weekend visiting with my sister & niece. My poor niece was sick with a cold or really bad allergies, so I didn’t take many pictures because her sad eyes were struggling to stay open and her nose was running so badly, but I managed to snap a few of the beautiful little girl…

She loves “riding” the tractor – girl after my heart….


Taking a walk with her mama…


Sisters & best friends…


Cate liked to walk back to my parents’ bees. She would walk around the house saying, “Bees! Bees! Bees!” until one of us would walk her back to the corner…


We stopped to blow some dandelions…


And fed “nuts” {aka fish food} to the feechies {aka albino catfish} at my parents’ pond…


Grandma watching Cate & Cate watching the feechies…


This is my favorite pic of my niece. That’s my shoe {I know I have big feet…I’m so cut me a break ;)}, and that’s my big water cup. She loved carrying it around. Makes me smile…

And apparently I was worn out from the walk  to the bees & feechies because I found this on my camera later…


Yes, that’s a baby name book.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thirty-two weeks.

I’m now 32 weeks pregnant. My belly’s big, and I find myself underestimating my size – particularly during events at work when I try to squeeze through a small space and realize I can no longer fit! I think it’s funny that I can watch my stomach grow for 32 weeks now, but I still forget that I’m not my normal flat-tummy self!

The past two weeks haven’t been great for sleep. I wake up at 3:30 or 4:00 AM on a regular basis and can’t fall back asleep. Somehow I’m still managing to function on very little sleep; maybe my body’s learning to cope now before the little one comes and is up all night. :)

32 weeks

I didn’t have too many cravings. I asked for Philly Cheese Steak subs for a family/birthday dinner, but that was partly because my dad is a better cook than I am & he makes really good subs!

I’ve had what feels like a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions the past week or two. Some are as close as 4 or 5 minutes apart, but they never become regular in timing so my doctor said not to worry. I’ve read that they’re your body’s way of “practicing” before the real thing, and the doctor told me today that some people believe that they function to bring more blood flow to your baby. Interesting stuff.

I’ve also had a lot of foot cramps. That’s just because I’ve had a lot of events for work. Dress shoes = foot pain. Eh, I’ll take it in exchange for a daughter, no problem!

According to the internet, she’s about 4 lbs. now. I’m still carrying her really low, and some days it seems like she’s trying to rest even lower {if that’s possible!} She’s running out of room in there, so she’s a bit less active now. She much prefers my right side. My belly’s always lopsided, but I love seeing her presence.

Eugene & I have been going to birthing classes at the hospital. This week will be our last one {on cesarean sections & touring the new hospital.} It’s fun to actually plan on her arrival. Just eight or so more weeks until I get to see my pretty girl. I am so looking forward to that day!


Monday, April 16, 2012

The little one’s first shower.

My amazing sister flew into town to thrown me my first baby shower. It was a perfectly darling shower, and I loved every minute of it!

The shower invites said something to the effect of, “Come celebrate as a new chapter is beginning,” and the shower’s theme was books. {So adorable!} My sister asked me to make sure I explained that this wasn’t her original idea…she found some inspiration on the web for the theme.


The banner of some favorite children’s books…



We were able to reuse the pendant banner I made for the gender reveal party



The favors for the guests were fresh cookies to go – reminiscent of the “If You Give a Mouse A Cookie” book & the sign hinted that they could enjoy the cookie with their favorite Sunday read {The Napping House inferred.} How cute!


The rest of the food selection fit perfectly with the theme too…


Cheese & crackers – the hungry caterpillar, popcorn – the popcorn book, muffins – if you give a moose a muffin, veggies – peter rabbit, jellybeans – jellybeans for breakfast, French bread – the little red hen, quiche – green eggs & ham {not pictured}…


Fruit pizza with strawberries – the big hungry bear, blueberries – blueberries for Sal, and goldfish – the rainbow fish. Oh, and aren’t those pink dress napkins cute! {My sister & brother-in-law made them.}


I look really gross in all the photos, but I was so glad to get to visit with my friends. This is my roomie from college…


The game was finding alternative names for children’s books, like “Unsightly Aquatic Bird” is “The Ugly Duckling.” My aunts were really getting into it!


My beautiful sister & niece dressed in coordinating colors {orange & blue}…


Oh, and the guest book for everyone to sign was a children’s book…


I love the hostess…


These women are so generous & supportive…



See what I mean by generous?! The little one got some super nice stuff!…


My cousin made this impressive play mat that has peek-a-boo blocks to lift up to see patterned fabric. Seriously cool…


My great-aunt Bert crocheted the little one a beautiful blanket. So special…


This is my lovely grandma Goldie…


A bunch of the women on my mom’s side :)…



It was a wonderful, perfect shower. I’m so thankful for all the planning, money, time, and effort that went into throwing and attending it! The best way I can describe it is wonderfully overwhelming.

I was a little jealous of Cate’s nap afterwards! ;)


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