Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween pup.

Sunday, I stopped at Wal Mart  to pick up a few odds and ends, and I just so happened to find myself staring at the cutest Halloween bandanas {for only a buck!} I knew instantly it was perfect for the pup. How cute handsome is this festive guy?!




When I visited my parents this weekend, I left {as always} with a passenger seat full of groceries from “Jim’s grocery.” We’ve already had two free dinners out of this stash {wondrous thing!}


Oh, it was such a Fall day on Sunday. The corn was dried golden & blowing in the crisp, cool wind & the brush behind my parents’ land is beginning to change to burgundy & orange hues.


Last night in our Cleaver’s small group, we decided on the book Crazy Love for our next topic of discussion.


The author has some videos about it – here’s the introduction…

Looks like it’s going to be a good one for our newlywed group.


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  1. I hadn't heard of this book but it sure sounds neat. What is crazy is that author lives in a neighboring town to me! Small world.


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