Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loving the new purchases.

I’m pretty pumped today. Let me share the goods with ya.

I’d like to give the people working at this website a virtual high-five for such great service. I placed the order jus this past Sunday for my cabinet hardware, and I got the handle pulls two days ago, and the cup pulls came in yesterday! And, not only did they arrive quicker than expected, they were priced super low, and I got free shipping, and  they’re really nice quality! {Fist pump!}

So, let me introduce you to my new handsome cup pulls…



And, I was super pleased that the two pieces went perfectly together {in my opinion} because one was listed as nickel matte and the other as satin nickel.


And cause you gotta see all sides…


Now I just need to get started on painting our cabinets white to show off these new beauties!

And this wasn’t the only purchase for the kitchen yesterday – I finally picked out fabric for the kitchen curtains! I’ve been to our local JoAnn’s so many times, and spent even more hours scouring the internet for some fun, colorful fabric that would work well with the green backsplash tile and also soften the room up a bit, since right now it’s leaning towards an “industrial” feel with the stainless steel and black countertops {in my head, mind you.} I just couldn’t find what I wanted. I finally found some fabric at JoAnn’s last week, but they just had a yard or two left and they were less than willing to call and order me some additional yards. I was NOT pleased with JoAnn’s customer service. So I promptly walked out, offended & empty handed. {Grrr.}

But last night, I drove to Dayton to meet up with some lovely women I used to work with for a Chinese dinner date. It was great to see them again & catch up on what’s happened in our lives the past year and a half.


Anyhoo, on my way to the restaurant I stopped at Hancock Fabrics in Dayton and I finally scored a sweet deal on this pretty fabric.


It’s retro-ish fabric {according to my Mom & the nice woman working at the store} and it’s got nice soft hues of blue, green, and gold. I was originally looking for more vintage colorful floral fabric, but I really liked that this fabric wasn’t as overtly feminine {you can thank me later, Eugene.} I also liked that the gold & green worked really well with the colors in the backsplash tile and the green & yellow going on in our living room.


I think the swirl pattern on this fabric brings in a contemporary hint to the retro design, and I’m hoping that will work well with the contemporary stainless appliances and still retro-ish Fiesta Ware I want to display on my open shelving. {See more on our kitchen plans here.}


And I upped my conservative plan to purchase just 6 yards, and went for the whole nine ten-yards {Ha, that cracked me up!} because I had a 40% off coupon. This cotton fabric was already priced well at $5.99 a yard, but with my coupon, I scored ten yards for just $35.90…$3.59 a yard!

Love it.


I’m hoping that going with 10 yards will give me the option to take the dining area curtains to the floor if I decide to, I might even have some extra fabric to play with for maybe some pillows or napkins after the curtains are completed.

And what’s even better is that my indecisive self still likes the fabric today! I hate making decisions, but I think I’m okay with this one! :)


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It’s late March in Ohio.


No, my camera lens isn’t dirty. 

That’s snow.

In the last week of March.

In Ohio.

So I guess that makes it normal. Ohio weather’s nuts, and I’ve come to accept that fact. Eugene’s first baseball game as a head varsity coach is tomorrow. Hopefully it’s not still snowing then. Heck, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it’s 80 & sunny tomorrow!


Oh my poor daffodils that are trying their best to survive in this white mess. :/

Yesterday when I got home from work, I received a package in the mail. My cabinet hardware, well half of it anyway, was waiting to be opened. A while ago, I picked some out at Menards that I liked {see this post} but when I went back to purchase them, they’d increased in price to over four bucks. Uh, not gonna work. I found these online, and they look exactly like their more expensive Menard’s version.



They were only $2.16 a pop for the handle pulls and $2.42 for each cup pull plus I got free shipping. {That’s by far the best pricing for the cup pulls that I’ve seen.} The handle pulls look great and are nice & sturdy.


The cup pulls haven’t come in yet, so I’ll let ya know at a later date how they turn out.

Last night, Eugene’s parents treated us to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. It was nice to enjoy some time with them & nice to enjoy a dinner out with my husband. When we got back in the car to go home, Eugene & I were sitting in the backseat because his parents drove. Eugene leaned over to give me a peck on the lips & there must have been some crazy static going on because we both were hard-core shocked. We immediately both yelled “OUCH!” because it was such a bad shock. When his parents asked what happened we told them we kissed and got a really bad shock. They joked that their back seat automatically shocks anyone for “necking” in their backseat! {They have two teenage daughters.} We requested that the shocking device please be turned off for married couples in the future. Too funny!

Hmm, does that mean sparks still fly for Eugene & me? Har, har. :)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More ORB in my powder room.

Remember way back when I showed you this before & after?


Well, the rest of the vanity was still hangin’ out in it’s original tarnished gold form. Like this...yuck.


So I snapped a few pictures on Saturday & decided it was time for a change. Oh, and I wasn’t feeling well, so you’ll have to pardon my laziness. I just didn’t feel like picking up the mess of deodorants, massive clashing tissue box, wadded hand towel, spray paint & tools. {We’re keepin it real here, folks.}

I also needed to address the gold in the other areas of our bathroom, namely some towel racks we removed when we found our hideously hilarious painted stencil behind the wallpaper, and also the gold knobs on this weird wall cabinet…


…and our toilet paper holder that’s covers the large hole someone created in the tile {read: irreplaceable.}


So I took the same ORB spray paint I used to do the faucet & went to town on a tarp outside.



After the first coat, I remembered 1) why I never bother painting my fingernails now that I’ve moved and 2) why I need to wear gloves when I use a blackish paint. Eh, oh well. It only lasts a few days!


And the finished product? Well, it’s still basically an ugly bathroom with pink tile, gross floors & unpainted roughed-up walls, but at least it’s tarnished-gold-free. {Glass is half-full, right?!} :) Here’s some before & after comparisons just for the heck of it…


Again, I really should have picked up a bit. Maybe I’ll revise this post another day when I feel a bit less apathetic! ;) I plan to paint/stain the wood on this vanity. Just not sure when I’ll get to it.


Small change for now with this cabinet thingy. But I’m hoping I can figure out a way to paint the laminate “wood” on this beast some day.


And the toilet paper roll looks better in person. {That’s something I never thought I’d say.} I think once we finally paint all the wall tiles white, it’ll look so much better. {Fingers crossed.}

Oh, and P.S. it’s a strictly enforced rule in our household that you MUST have the toilet paper on the holder in this direction. I had no clue before I got married that there’s a right & wrong way to put the toilet paper. It still doesn’t matter to me whether the toilet paper rolls overtop of the roll or under the roll, but Eugene’s very adamant about this {t}issue. Strange, but I still love ‘em.


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Monday, March 28, 2011

Starting the cabinet transformation.

Again, not really in the mood for many words. It’s been a trying week {to say the least} for me, and I may blog about it someday, just not right now. I will say that I spent a lot of QT relaxing with this guy this weekend…


I love my pup. He’s so affectionate & has such personality…makes me happy.


Not to mention his crazy hair makes me laugh. How can you not smile looking at this goof.

Friday evening, Eugene & I had some summer dinner {even though it was only 40 degrees out} with our friends, Scott & Libby.


More than ever, this week I’ve been so thankful for my friend Libby. I got some cute faces from baby Griff. He’s getting so big – such changes since his grand appearance back in January.





Eugene had some help ripping out our basement carpet that was still soaked from the water issue. It only took a half hour because he had some of his baseball players to help him knock it out.


I really wasn’t a fan of the 1,500 square feet of pink carpet anyway. {Yikes.}


This weekend, we Eugene also took down our kitchen cabinet doors, I filled the handle holes, ordered new handles, and he sanded the doors in preparation for their painting. I can’t wait to see how much the kitchen changes once those bad boys are painted!


I made sure to label the doors so that we don’t get things confused later.



Poor guy was a sanding machine, even in the cold weather. {We’ll over look the ugly hoody he has on.}


The doors all sanded & ready for primer…and yes, that’s fencing & an nasty old toilet in our garage…


And here’s what my kitchen looks like at this moment. I’m not ashamed of the mess going on in my cupboards. It’s an organized mess, I promise. And yes, our stainless steel appliances STILL have their blue protective plastic on them. I’m waiting until we’re done with all the serious renovations in the kitchen before I reveal the shinny, pretty, scratchable surfaces on the dishwasher & oven.


Annnd, I’m still admiring my fist-pump worthy pendant light.


I found the box, so here’s the details from Lowes if you’re interested…


And Eugene & I ate some homemade French bread pizza & watched a movie last night. We really needed time together after this week, so this was my wondrous thing.



Oh, and I also did some spray painting, but more on that another day this week.  Hope ya’ll had a happy Monday out there in blogland.


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