Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wire fabric-wrapped letters.

I saw this craft on a blog I read and also on an Instagram feed I follow, but I couldn’t find a tutorial anywhere. I sat on the idea for a few months {I’ve been ridiculously/overwhelmingly busy lately}, but I finally had a reason to go out and buy the supplies. I decided to make a housewarming gift for a good friend from my life-group at church who is moving to Texas. She’s pictured below on the far left…this is at my baby shower a while back. {Wow, I forgot how low I carried!}


“Joy” has been our theme for the last year and a half, so I thought it’d be a nice reminder of our time together…

image_5 (2)

I’m not sure if this is the best way to make them, but this seemed to work alright for my first try. Oh, and sorry about the blurry, poor-quality photos. I did this late at night and didn’t think to use my nice camera much. Here are my supplies…


I bought the galvanized wire at Walmart. I can’t remember the exact price, something like $3.80, definitely under 4 bucks. And I have tons left – lots more words to shape up. {I think “hope” will be my next project.} Other than the wire, I only used some pliers, leftover fabric {two were old button-up shirts of mine, and the other is a vintage sheet I bought at a thrift store.} Oh, and I used a hot glue gun too.

First, I shaped the wire into my word. It’s a good thing I learned cursive ;)


I didn’t really take photos from this point on, but it was a super simple process. I cut long strips of fabric about 1-1.5” wide and as long as the fabric allowed, for most of the strips this was probably around 20” long. To start each piece of fabric, I just put a little hot glue on the end of wire and pressed the fabric onto it.  I wanted to use different fabric for each letter, so I used the same method at the start of each letter. It would look cute to do the same fabric for the whole word too though.


For the fabric strips, you could either iron the edges of the fabric under if you wanted a clean look, or leave the fabric’s edges raw to go with the slightly frayed look. I folded it under some just as I wrapped, but there were some frays showing, and I was okay with that.


When I got to the end of the letter/word, I just hot glued the fabric down and cut away any excess. See, I told you it was a synch!


image_1 (2)

This was a really inexpensive craft that only took me about 20-30 minutes from start to finish.

image_4 (2)

It was surprisingly sturdy once the fabric was added. You could hang it on your wall, display it on a shelf, or just stick it on your desk.

image_5 (2)



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten months.

Ten months have gone by since the day we met our little one face to face, and my how she’s grown!


The picture above on the left is when she was about 9 months ago {she was just under one month old.} It’s been incredible to watch God grow my daughter at such a fast pace. She’s really starting to exude personality in the last month. She’s spunky, curious, stubborn {at times}, affectionate, friendly, and silly. She loves seeing people – it’s an instant smile & double-handed wave to them. She gets visibly excited when they wave & smile back. It’s been my prayer since I found out I was pregnant again that she would bring joy to those around her, and that’s exactly what she does. She is full of joy.

10 months-horz


She’s back to her old slobbery grin – two bottom teeth in and her top two trying to pop through…


She’s always been vocal, but now she’s much more communicative. Her noises seem more intentional and have a pattern to them. No real words yet {other than Mama, Dada, & Nana}, but she is definitely trying to communicate. Oh, and she “barks” whenever she hears a dog, pictured below…


Did I mention she’s curious?! Always, always trying to touch and experience something new.


Especially now that she’s cruising. Getting’ into everything! Keeps Mama on her toes for sure!


I could be wrong {first-time-mom and all}, but I think she’ll be walking very soon. She loves to stand & cruise, take a diving lung from one piece of furniture to the next, and will even stand alone for a brief second.

She now loves drinking through a straw. She absolutely loves playing with her volleyball {or any ball, really}. She’ll play roll/pass for at least a half hour straight. She also loves her toothbrush, more sucking on it than anything!


I hesitate to put this in writing, but she’s finally sleeping better. She goes to sleep around 8:30 and usually sleeps straight until 5:30 or 6:30. It’s been a huge relief to get consistent nights in a row with sleep, both for her and for Eugene & me.


She can wave, dance, play patty cake, blow kisses, all on command. My smarty pants! {Although, I realize I’m about as biased as it can get on evaluating her, ha!}


And I think it’s worth mentioning twice: this girl has personality!


I love her silly self!

What a fun month this has been for us, watching her grow. :)


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let the games begin.

Eugene’s baseball team had their first game this weekend, and let me tell you, the little one loved being outside and watching baseball.


It was weird/normal Ohio weather: cold, sunny, windy, yet warm at times. {That’s why she’s rocking the Winter coat and Summer hat.}


What a goofy look!


Papa came out of the dugout to say hi to his grandbaby. {He adores her.}


We be stylin’ in our shades…

photo 2 (2)

I seriously couldn’t handle the cuteness of her hat and shades. Be still my heart!!

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (2)

Eugene’s team won their opening game. Go Dada!


After every win, they play “Celebration” and the little one immediately started dancing.

She cracks me up!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Her first Easter.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but Easter give me the best feeling. I get so pumped for Easter – the sadness and guilt of remembering Good Friday, the long silence and anticipation of Saturday, and the glorious answered promise of Sunday. The range in emotions connected to the full circle of God’s amazing grace for us. I love Easter.

photo 1

The little one enjoyed her first Easter as well. She loved her the maracas and plastic chew-book in her basket…




We donned our Easter pretties and headed to church…


She got in a good nap during our church service. Love that little belly peeking out…

photo 4

Then we went to two family gatherings…


I love how excited my niece looks. She had a blast hunting for eggs this year!


I was quite impressed at the little one’s egg hunting ability! ;)



Her eggs were filled with pennies and cheerios – how cute!


I love my family…


And I love my sister/best friend & my niece…


By the time we had her second egg hunt, she was a pro!

photo 3

My & the boy squeezed in a cell picture of just the two of us {the little one was in her car seat behind us, ha.} I am so blessed by him…

photo 2

And of course, we caught a family photo. This makes my heart want to explode with happiness.


So thankful for Easter this year & every year. My God is alive!


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