Thursday, August 12, 2010

The golf gallery.

Eugene & his partner, affectionately nicknamed“Boomer,” won the Young Guys division in the church golf league. They faced off in a heated match with the winners of the Old Guys division, who just happened to be Eugene’s college baseball coach & Boomer’s dad. There wasn’t any feeling of competitiveness or rivalry there at all {note the sarcasm}. Um, they were out for blood.


Boomer’s mom wanted the wives to come and watch the men battle, so I tagged along and brought my camera to try out some manual settings to see if I could learn a few things. I have never taken any photography classes, nor have I  ever read anything about how to actually work the dang thing…for example, aperture, exposure, f-stop, yeah, all foreign and confusing to this chick! Anyway, {after reading a Pioneer Woman tutorial on my Blackberry while sitting in the golf cart – isn’t technology crazy?}, I messed around with different f-stops and different ISO settings. I actually liked a few of the shots I took. And I liked them even more after some editing on the laptop.

So do you get the pun in this post’s title now? Come on…crowd vs. photo gallery…work with me here.


IMG_1472 IMG_1477


I really like the picture below.



Jordan’s partner played golf & tennis for Cedarville University.


And Boomer’s dad, Kirk, is Cedarville’s head women’s basketball coach. He asked Eugene be his JV coach this year. Should be interesting.


Eugene actually hit this one really well out of the sand. {See, I did pay attention!}


Lots of coaching wisdom on this team.


Boomer played really well, minus one bad hole where he shot a ten. Ugh, yes, a ten. There was water involved…and it was ugly.


I also like this picture quite a bit.


This face…


…and this fist pump pretty much sums up the match.


We went to Young’s Jersey Dairy with the winners & their wives for ice cream after the match. Then we went straight to bed – I was exhausted from working & my poor husband was a walking zombie after only sleeping an hour last night while they drove home from New York. Not a bad afternoon outside!


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