Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A celebratory dinner.

This {handsome} man was the reason for our celebration dinner last night.


He signed his full-time, full benefits teaching contract yesterday at Catholic Central. He’ll be the entire middle school social studies department, and I know he’ll be an amazing teacher {and witness} for all the 7th and 8th graders there.

We can finally stop the daily hourly job searching for a while. God came through in the 9th inning, and His timing is perfect. And because of this huge relief – this huge blessing – we enjoyed a celebratory dinner at home last night.

Eugene fired up the grill and made me perfectly grilled shrimp and him a spectacular steak. {Thanks for the steak, Dad!} I baked my“Red Lobster Baked Potatoes”, we boiled some fresh-from-the-garden corn on the cob.


What a perfect Summer meal! We hardly talked through the dinner. All that could be heard was “Wow, this is so good.” and “Mmm, yummm…”


After we finished eating, Eugene looked at me and asked, “Can we have this dinner again in an hour?” Yes, it was that good!

I made up a recipe for the grilled shrimp & let me tell you, IT WAS FABULOUS! {Not to mention super easy.}

Grilled Honey Shrimp

Shrimp, thawed {the kind that’s frozen and pre-cooked}
Italian Dressing
Salt & Pepper

Place your thawed shrimp in a bowl and coat them heavily in honey. Then add enough Italian Dressing to heavily coat them too. Let the shrimp marinate in this {I only let them sit there for about 15 minutes because we were hungry, and it worked fine.}


Transfer your shrimp directly to your hot grill. Baste the top of the shrimp with the excess marinade. Grill for about 3 minutes and then flip them. Baste the other side now, and remove them from the grill about 3 minutes later.


Add some cocktail sauce if you’d like, but these had such good flavor with the honey that I never even needed the sauce. Oh, how delicious!


We were both pretty impressed at our cooking skills last night & agreed that the meal was just as good as anything we could have paid for in a restaurant. I’m so glad we got to celebrate Jordan’s great accomplishment/new job!

On another note, my boss’s son just got a new puppy & the little boxer visited work yesterday, spending some time in my office. How cute is this little guy!?



Yes, that’s my highlighter.



Puppies instantly melt my heart. Thankfully, I knew I had my pup waiting for me when I got home, so I didn’t rush to the pound to buy an 8 week old!


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