Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Egg & bacon muffins…while waiting.

As we do almost every night, Eugene began to read our devotional while we laid in bed last night. The lead verse was “Wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14, and at first I didn’t think it would have much application to my life lately. But, I was wrong, and as he read Charles Spurgeon’s words I began to apply more and more to how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks.

Isn’t it funny when God decides to just hit you hard over your head with something He wants you to hear. I love that. It’s always my wondrous thing when God makes things super obvious for me. I’m someone who tends to complicate things {I’m a details person, so if there aren’t lots of details, I’ll look to add them!}. So when God tells me straight up in any way -  through a verse, a phone call from a friend, an event in my day, etc  -  it is such a refresher & encouragement from Him. He knows exactly what we need to hear, and I’m so thankful for times like last night when He hits us over the head with it!

Anyway, to the point {sorry, I’m long-winded today!}, the devotion was on waiting. And as it went on, I realized that I’ve been feeling like I’m in a complete holding pattern lately. No need to go on about the details, but I just know waiting is a struggle of mine, and I find myself having to wait for things, people, events, opportunities, so often. I especially liked the parts in bold.


What should we do? Become exasperated in despair? Turn back in cowardice, go to the left or fight in fear, or rush forward in ignorance?

No, we should simply wait – but wait in prayer. We should call upon God and plead our case before Him, telling Him our difficulty and pleading His promise of help. When we are torn between one opportunity or another, it is best to be as humble as a child while waiting with simplicity of soul for the Lord. We can be confident all will go well with us when we recognize our own foolishness and are sincerely willing to be guided by the will of God.

We should wait – but wait in faith. We should express our unwavering confidence in him, for waiting without faith and trust is nothing but an insult to the Lord. We should believe that even if he keeps us waiting until midnight, He will still come at exactly the right time

We should wait – but with quiet patience. We should not rebel…we should not complain…We should accept our situation as it is and simply place it with our entire heart – without any self-will – into the hands of our covenant God, saying:

Lord, “not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42). I don’t know what to do and am at my wits’ end. Nevertheless, I will wait until You divide the waters before me or drive back my foes. Even if I must wait many days, I will wait with “my heart…steadfast, O God” (Ps. 57:7), on You alone. My spirit waits for You with the full conviction taht You will still be my joy and “my salvation” (Ps. 27:1), “my refuge…[and my] strong tower” (Ps. 61:3)

This hasn’t been my all-time favorite devotional, but I really loved his clarity in this particular one. {Btw, the book is “Look Unto Me: the devotions of Charles Spurgeon” by Jim Reimann.}

Speaking of waiting, I’ve kept you waiting long enough for the recipe for last night’s dinner!


Bacon Egg Biscuit Cups

1 tube of refrigerator biscuits
5 eggs {makes 6 biscuit cups with egg – I used the 4 extra biscuits just to make normal biscuits for another day.}
splash of milk
5 or so slices of cooked bacon {I used turkey bacon}
salt & pepper
shredded cheddar cheese


First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Using some flour to keep things from sticking, I rolled out each biscuit about as thin as I could get it.


Next, {after greasing my muffin pan} I just placed the biscuits into their individual cups.


Then, place those in your oven & bake them for 3 or so minutes. Meanwhile, in a bowl, add your eggs, bacon, milk, salt & pepper.


I did five eggs because we only wanted six individual egg cups. {PS timesaver tip of the day – use your kitchen scissors to cut the bacon…super quick & much easier than using a knife!}


Beat the mixture using a fork.


After your biscuits have precooked slightly, pour in the egg mixture & don’t worry if it overflows outside the biscuit. {No biggie, just have something underneath in the oven to catch the excess egg.}


At this point, they bake for 12 or so minutes. While your waiting {see, waiting’s the theme today}, give your pup the empty milk jug for a little bit because it’s a favorite {and free} toy of his!


After 12 or so minutes they’ll look like this.


Now’s the time to add your cheese on top each cup. Put ‘em back in the oven for a few more minutes – until they look like the egg’s completely solid inside…unless you like runny eggs {no thanks!}


Ok, finally, waiting paid off. Carefully remove them from the muffin tin. I found it helpful to use a butter knife to go around the edges first to loosen them. If the middle still a bit runny, don’t worry, just throw ‘em in the microwave & zap ‘em for a few minutes. Problem solved.


I like my eggs with some ketchup on the side, so I did the same with these cute little cups.


They were pretty darn good. :) Also, pretty filling – we each only ate two biscuit cups. These also hold up well as leftovers, so you could freeze them if you wanted a quick breakfast to go on a busy morning. Just a thought!

So I wish you a happy brinner {breakfast for dinner} while you wait on the Lord with a steadfast heart. :)


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