Monday, August 9, 2010

What is Espn?

Friday evening, I went to the rehearsal for the second wedding ceremony I coordinated for my church. I pretty much dislike wedding rehearsals because they’re always chaos & always leave me feeling like no one know what the heck’s going on…no matter how well planned and prepared we are prior to the rehearsal. Anyhoo, I’ve gotten to the point where I realize all rehearsals are going to be unnerving, but things always come together for the ceremony.

After the rehearsal, I took the pup to run around at my parents’ house.


So the new debate is whether Espn is actually part newfie. He’s only about 60 lbs at 9 months, so Eugene thinks there’s no way he has any Newfoundland in him. Plus, check out the pictures below, you can see the pup’s got some red hair now, which makes us wonder if he is part Irish Setter instead.



I’m still stubbornly holding to the belief that he’s part Newfie, but who knows. Below is a few pictures from the web of Irish Setters…I guess I can see how it might be true.



Hmm, any outside opinions on this?

On our drive back from my parents, there was a beautiful sunset over the Reservoir water.


Then Saturday was the wedding ceremony…and {wondrous thing} it went very smoothly! I got to see our friends, who just got engaged.


The pretty bridesmaids waiting for me to release them. ;)


Her father walking her down the aisle.


It was a nice message reminding the couple that if they focus on always growing closer to God, they will then consequently grow closer to each other.


And they were both very relieved when the ceremony was finally over! :)


I left straight from the ceremony to a class reunion we were hosting at work. That went well & at 11:00 when it was over I re-set the room for a wedding ceremony on Monday. Whew!

Sunday, I went to church with my mom {wondrous thing.} I met the Wade ladies for brunch at Simon Kenton Inn.


And then, back to work for more wedding set up. Finally, I ended the weekend with a Shumaker ladies' movie night with Eugene’s mom and sisters. Rita whipped up some coffee drinks for us too.



And again, I took in a beautiful pink sunset last night.


I’m trying to pump myself up for another wedding at work tonight.


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