Friday, August 20, 2010

Homemade camera strap cover with a pocket.

I’ve only had my camera for a couple months, and I’ve already lost one lens cap. Lovely. I saw on that some people are selling camera strap covers that have a little pocket that you can put your lens cap in while you shoot pictures. So I googled around and found a few tutorials that I could combine {like I do with recipes} to make a strap cover for myself.


I’ll be honest, this took me two tries. My first attempt I didn’t do it with a slit halfway through and my pocket got all messed up, so attempt two was a must. Thankfully, the second go-around worked a little better!

I first folded my fabric in half, right sides together. Then I traced my existing camera strap on my fabric twice.


I cut around my lines, leaving about a 1/2 inch on all sides for my seam allowance.


Then, I folded the end of each fabric strip over twice to create a nice clean edge.


Then I stitched that hem.


At that point, I measured a line about 3 inches right at the center of the strap and cut slits on both sides to my original strap line. This is where you make the opening to slide your strap in the cover in the middle so that you don’t have to snake the strap all the way through the entire length of the cover.



Same story, fold it over twice and sew your hem here. {You do this on one side of the fabric…on both pieces of fabric you have – they should line up perfectly if it’s measured correctly. Read to the end, it’ll probably make more sense!}


So this is what my fabric strips looked like once I got to this point.


Make sense now? Next I roughly measured & cut another piece of fabric for my pocket, leaving plenty of excess fabric. I hemmed the top and bottom of the pocket fabric.


Then came the most annoying part, getting the pocket pinned correctly onto one of the pieces of strap fabric where the left and right sides overlapped my strap fabric, but still leaving enough excess fabric in the center so that my les cap could actually fit in it. Yeah, I don’t have any helpful hints on this – it was frustrating, but I finally got it.


Then you get to pin your pieces of strap fabric together & sew a tiny bit outside the line that you trace.


Trim off the excess fabric around the seams.


Flip it right side out & pray that it looks decent & fits.


Slip your existing camera strap in using your nifty center opening & connect it back to your camera & smile that you {hopefully} won’t be as likely to loose your $10 lens cap again!


I think this cost me a total of $3.20 plus a few screams of frustration with the first failed effort. :) listed these at $30.00. Yup, I think my effort was worth the saved moolah!


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  1. The camera strap is darling! Thanks for the tutorial!


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