Friday, August 13, 2010

Just another Thursday.

Sorry, no cleaver post title today…I must have used all my brain power thinking of yesterday’s play on words!

My poor poor husband is still a walking zombie. I came home from work yesterday to this handsome sleeping beauty.


He was nice enough to stay awake when I have been home to visit so we have quality time together {back to the whole love languages thing again.} I appreciate him & all the quality time he saved for me yesterday evening.

We went to church for our membership interview. Sunday Eugene’s getting baptized, and we’re join the church. After getting to know two nice members of our church, we were on our way home to enjoy these mini-chicken, bacon sandwiches. Eugene cooked the chicken on the grill while I baked the buns.Grilled chicken topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, and mayo on a hot bun with a side of mac ‘n cheese. Yum, it was so good!


Then we took a walk at the Reservoir & let the pup go for a swim.


Fetch the stick…


…then fly out of the water like a reverse canon ball to bring us the stick…perfect!


How cute is this guy!


I love my two boys.


Then around 9:00, we played Dillan and his date in Euchre last night. Not to brag, but we won by a landslide {for once, I won!} I also got to talk on the phone with my good friend who was my supervisor when I worked at Qbase {wondrous thing.}. She had been praying so hard for Eugene to get a job & she’s always very encouraging to me. It made me remember just how blessed we are to be surrounded by so many Christian friends who care & support us.


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