Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A wedding on a Monday.

Yesterday was a blur…as this whole week has been. Eugene has been in NJ/NY since last week, and I’ve been so busy with work. He was a groomsmen for a friend from high school who got married this past Saturday at Princeton University. His dad and brother rode with him for the trip, and then extended it into a father & sons bonding vaca with a Yankees vs. Red Socks game, a tour of the Baseball Hall of Fame, a soccer game, some golf, and lots of driving & riding trains. Sounds like he’s having a fun trip {but he also has told me countless times that he really misses being home with me too…good job, Eugene!} I’ve really missed talking to him…a few minutes and a few texts just don’t cut it for me! I wish I could have joined them for the “pilgrimage” {as Eugene called it}, but I had three events to handle while he was gone.

Yesterday was the first Monday wedding I’ve had – if you’re wondering the obvious questions, it’s on a Monday because of the date: 8/9/10. We had the ceremony and the reception, and both seemed to go really well.  Since I also do all the Marketing at work, I always take pictures of the events for our Facebook page, website, brochure, etc. & juts because I’m in the mood for photos, below are some of the ones I snapped yesterday that I thought turned out cool.

We have a staircase that the bride used for her grand entrance.


This is there ceremony taking place.


I just liked the unique factor for the shot below.


Getting announced as Mr. & Mrs.


Their first dance {to the same song Eugene & I danced to for our first dance…You and Me by Lifehouse.}


On another note, I think my pups getting depressed.  I’ve had to leave him home alone much more this week with Eugene being gone and all the events I’ve been working. He gets all mopey when I move around the condo because he thinks I’m going to leave. He won’t eat, drink, or play around until it’s late at night & he’s sure I’m home to stay. Plus, he’s taken up a new spot as his own…and our coffee table has become his pillow.

IMG_1353 Today when I came home for lunch, the pup didn’t even wake up! I found him asleep with his head on the coffee table shelf. What a sad sight he is! He’s such a people-dog. He’ll be pumped to have Eugene home most of the day tomorrow…but hopefully he’ll learn to love his alone time when we both have to work when school starts.


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