Friday, August 6, 2010

Swimming with Myrtle.

I took a half day off yesterday, and we met Eugene’s mom and sisters to go swimming for a few hours.


Eugene & Rita raced…


Eugene just barely squeaked out a win & Heidi was a great finish line.


Eugene spent some quality time with Myrtle while we were there...


I’m pretty darn thankful to have these pretty girls as my sistas.


When we got home, Eugene & I finally did a whirlwind sweep over the condo and it looks so much better. No random shoes in every room {my bad}, no spare change on every shelf/counter/table/rug, no more piles of clothes waiting to be hung in the closet. It is such a good feeling when the place is clean and picked up…I just don’t really enjoy doing the work on a daily basis! I wish I enjoyed cleaning like some people, but it’s not my thing. I’ll do it weekly, but it’s just not worth my time to do it daily!  Our place is a place we live in, and I’m okay if it looks like it!

Tonight’s a rehearsal again for a wedding I’m coordinating at my church. I’m hoping this one goes as well as the last.


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