Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Killer ab workout.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but our pup is super touchy. Ever since he was a little puppy, he has always liked to be touching Eugene or me at all times – whether it’s laying his head on our feet as we watch TV, laying his head on my lap during dinner, or putting his paws on our shoes when we’re not sitting down. See what I mean? The picture below was just while I was sitting on the floor watching ESPN {the channel, not the dog…guess who had the remote.} This is normal for our pup – he’d sit like this for hours if I would let him.


I think maybe this trait came out of our trip home from picking him up the first time in from the humane society in Indiana. See, the pictures below - he even did it when he was a puppy…both were natural places Espn picked to lay.



So back to my hypothesis of why he likes to be touching us at all times. He rode the entire three hour trip home from the Humane Society on my lap, with me holding him tightly so he would stop shaking. Maybe he grew an instant desire to always be touching us from this car ride home. Regardless, it is so sweet that he’s affectionate, yet, in some situations it gets a bit annoying.

For instance…


…it makes for a killer ab workout! 

Seriously, every time {every stinkin’ time} I try to do crunches in our living room, the pup crawls up and lays on my stomach. If I keep doing abs in attempt to ignore him, he’ll crawl to where he’s completely laying on top of me, pinning me to the ground! Oh well – I used to do crunches with 25 lb plates on my chest for volleyball back in the day when I was in shape – guess he’s just trying to make me stronger!

P.S. how funny are his feet! The hair in between his paws always sticks up like a mess. :)


Silly dog.


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