Monday, August 30, 2010

At least our brains still got it.

Did we just have a weekend? Hmm, I don't think I stopped to notice. I worked until 5:00 Friday, then my dad & mom took Eugene & I out to dinner at the restaurant in the Elks Lodge/country club. I wasn’t real hungry, but the food was really good – all of it – but especially the chocolate cake at the end! Then I went straight back to work for a 1956 South High School Reunion {Friday & Saturday nights.}

Saturday, I put on my spandex…then covered them with baggy shorts…and headed to my alma matter to play some youngsters in volleyball. {I know I’m only 24, but my body is no longer in collegiate athlete shape, that’s for sure!}

When we got to the gym, we sneaked a peak in the locker room, only to find a scouting report on us oldies! Too funny!


Oh, and I had to snap a pic of my old locker…glory days for sure. Ha!


I also always enjoy seeing our banners listing off all our great wins & successful seasons. Final Four appearances for 3 straight years – Sophomore to Senior Seasons. Makes me proud. :)


It was so fun to play with my old teammates again. I’m really good at forgetting how much I love playing volleyball, just because I know I can’t play anymore, but it was oh so sweet to {try to} play again with my “Fab 5” again.


Our play was slightly really rough, but I like to think that we gave them decent competition, and if anything, lots of confidence! ;) I will say that our brains definitely still got it…just a little slow on the body following!


Always lots of love to my old & new Tiger Volleyball teammates. I’ll be cheering them on this season & wish them tons of luck & wins!

Straight from there, I drug my poor tired legs back to work. Oh so sore! Seriously, it amazes me that volleyball can work every single tiny muscle in my body! {Even laughing hurts!}

Sunday was church, and then I took the pup to the dog park while Eugene did some lesson planning. Eugene met a rather large friend…


…a massive Great Dane named Chewbacca. The rest of the Sunday was filled with open houses, headaches, and bed early. {I know, we’re so exciting.}

This weekend’s wondrous thing was definitely playing volleyball with my old teammates. Loved it {so much.}



  1. Heyyy they should have given you guys a scouting report. They know all about your tendencies plus have been playing/working out... that doesnt seem fair.:)

    I wish ohio had some nearby USAV adult teams to play on, but sadly, ohio doesn't seem to be that involved. boo. its rough.

    happy that your life is going well.

  2. You're right - we definitely should have gotten a scouting report on them! Thanks for commenting...although it doesn't say your name, so hi anyway!


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