Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mr. Shumaker has his own classroom.

Yesterday I actually took the entire day off work {well, minus a few calls I had to make in the morning!} It was lovely having two days off in a row…it’s been so long since I’ve had that!

I did some laundry & other stuff around the condo before meeting Mr. Shumaker at his new classroom at Catholic Central School. Then we ate a really good summer dinner of hamburgers & homemade French fries {recipe to come when I get more time}.

He really lucked out with a room that’s air conditioned, with a view outside, and it’s carpeted. :)

We rearranged what we could, considering that they still haven’t given him any desks for his students yet…minor details, I guess. But he got to put up all the sports posters he’s been selflessly storing under the guest bed {since I prefer not to have a living room or bedroom decked out in Griffey posters.}

This is what it looked like before we attacked it – it was previously a computer lab.


See – nice windows!


The back area he created for storage & two seats at a back table.


Mr. Shumaker starting to arrange his desk…


This is my favorite poster of his {honestly} & it’s going to be behind his desk.


His podium, stool & TV. Maybe he should add a post-it to the ESPN ONLY sign that says “or History Channel.” 


His parents gave him this stool for a Christmas/graduation gift. And they also wrote loving, encouraging notes on it for him to always be reminded of their support.


I’m sure his room will look even better once he has desks & chairs for his students! He starts teacher work-days tomorrow. I’ll be praying that it’s a smooth transition for him! I’m so thankful he has a job! :)


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