Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A flash of Fall.

My favorite season is Fall {although I really love Summer} for numerous reasons – I love the smell of Fall, bonfires, apple cider, hoodies, volleyball season, college starting, and it’s the time of Thanksgiving {my favorite holiday.}

And last night, I caught an early glimpse of Fall. It may be 90 degrees out this entire week, but there’s one tree in our condo parking lot that has promptly decided to start ringing in Fall…


…see that yellow?! Makes me smile.


{Random question, if you know why some call it Fall & some call it Autumn, please post a comment explaining. It’s beyond me.}

Last night, Eugene & I drove to Cedarville University to meet the JV Women’s basketball team he’ll be coaching this season. I’m really looking forward to leading them in weekly devotions.


Oh, and we had pasta last night & I tested the pup with a leftover noodle. Too funny to watch him figure out that it was edible!


Cheap thrills, huh. Does this picture make you flash to the Disney classic? ;)

Let September be a great month. Happy Fall, ya’ll!


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