Monday, June 13, 2011

The godparents are married.

I’ve mentioned Espn’s godparents before on this blog, but here they are again…


We were honored that these two fine people agreed a while back to take care of our pup should something unmentionable happen to us, plus the pup absolutely loves these two! They’re super fun friends, and Eugene & TJ played baseball together in college, so lots in common. We love ‘em to pieces and we were thrilled to celebrate their marriage with them this weekend. Eugene was asked to be a groomsman in their wedding weekend, so Friday night we spent rehearsing & enjoying a fabulous dinner at Bucca di Bepppo. Being a wedding coordinator, it took a massive amount of restraint for me to not help/take the reigns of this rehearsal for the bride who was frustrated with little communication from her coordinator. But I practiced self-control, and after an hour and a half they finally finished the rehearsal. {I did whisper some tips & suggestions to the bride and groom to help make it a little less-stressful and easier on them!}


Anywho, we had such a great rehearsal dinner meal, and it was a real treat to have dinner out with Eugene plus two hours together in the car to chat. {Wondrous thing.}


Unfortunately, I had to work a wedding at my banquet hall on Saturday, so I had to miss seeing our friends get married & watching my handsome hubby do the groomsmanly duties. {He’s a pro now since it’s his 5th or 6th wedding as a groomsman.} I really wish I could have been there to support & encourage them and to see the beautiful bride, but I’m thankful for a job. Oh, and I thought these favors from the wedding at work were cute. Toasting glasses with candy kisses inside & thank-you tags. They had a theme of daises, lemons & limes, so it worked well.


I managed to whip up a little DIY gift for the bride & groom using Wordle {Wordle is explained in this post}. I made another one for one of my teammates when she got married last year & she loved it. It’s in their wedding colors and contains all words about the couple & their marriage…


I hope they like it, but I figure even if they don’t like it, at least they will have a nice new frame to use.

Sunday we managed to squeeze in a house project after church {more on that later} before we headed to Eugene’s cousin’s 18th birthday party…


We really didn’t get much done on the house, but now that it’s summer & wedding season, I’m guessing that’s how it’ll have to be for a while.  Oh well, the house projects aren’t going anywhere – they’ll certainly be there waiting for me when my work slows down!


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  1. Love the wordle idea for a DIY project..I love wordle but can never think how to use them :)


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