Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad mood garage.

Fair warning – this post is pretty darn boring. I was extremely busy all day yesterday, and thus have very little exciting or pretty to share today. :/

Our garage had become an instant source of bad mood for me lately. With all the house projects, the massive fence project, and the fact that we don’t have a garage door opener/remote for it so we don’t use it for our cars all contributed to a big ol’ mess that covered the entire concrete floor.

I was pretty sick of getting in a bad mood every time I walked through our garage to let the dog out, so I took an hour to purge & organize the space. I didn’t take an official before picture because I didn’t want to remember the yucky bad-mood-inducing mess, but you can kind of see a small sliver of it in the background of this picture from way back when we purchased the fence materials.


Let’s just say it was pretty comparable to our hoarder-ish room, but with the smell of trash & a random toilet in the corner that used to reside in our guest bathroom. Just being honest.


Here’s the much more organized and simplified garage now {still not pretty, but hey, it’s a garage – what did ya expect?!}


That corner above is the leftover materials we get to return from our fencing project that’s now COMPLETE!!!! {Money back in our pocket = bonus! It’s also a leftover door…not sure where it came from, and a pile of demo’ed house materials {i.e. baseboards, range vent, ceiling dry wall, etc.} that we need to take to the dumpster.


I organized our tools so that we can actually find a phillips head screw driver when we need it, rather than searching for one in every room of the house, the basement, and the garage.


And we wound up with a huge pile ready to be purged – busted hoses left from the previous owners, old shower curtain rod, boxes, and more.

I can proudly say that I no longer get in a bad mood by walking into our garage. Success! Even the pup can smile about that…


I had to laugh when he picked up this broken piece from his red Frisbee. Snapped a quick, blurry cell phone pic. It looks just like a massive smile to me. :)


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