Friday, June 10, 2011

More blue paint.

I still have to share my second blue paint project hinted earlier this week. {The first was the $4 diy welcome mat.} I decided to make my open shelving look a bit more purposeful, and a bit less did-she-just-forget-to-hang-cabinet-doors-ish, so I thought maybe adding a blue background would be just the thing to do the trick. So it went from this, when I removed the doors…


…to this, when I first painted our cabinets


…to this, with the colorful Fiesta Ware, and you can see the tile backsplash we plan to use {someday}…


To this, with the light blue background that coordinates with the curtains I made


I also added the blue to the open cabinets on the other side of the kitchen, taking it from this…


to this…

{blurry pic b/c I was painting at night…sorry.}

And here’s the full view…


Honestly, I’m having a hard time telling if I really like the blue or not. I think the awful faux brick flooring & even more awful boomerang/bowling alley countertops makes it tricky to judge {to say the least}, but I’m thinking that once we get pretty new butcherblock countertops & the bright backsplash up, the blue will fit in well. I figure it’s super easy to paint over should I change my mind, so this was a risk I was comfortable taking. ;)

P.S. we just got our new stainless steel, under-cabinet range vent this week {super excited about this}, so that nasty, crusty, off-white range vent will be in my kitchen no more!

Have a happy weekend ya’ll!


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