Thursday, June 2, 2011

We’re a fencing duo.

This past Monday, Eugene & I spent four and a half hours working on our chain link fence. We lucked out with our backyard because both our neighbors have fences that they gave us permission to tie into, thus we only need fence for the back of our yard and connecting the sides to the house. Way, way back in February, we took a full day to dig holes and sink the fence poles…


It took us to wait through baseball season & monsoon season to finally have a free day to work on the fence again…3 months later. When we started on Sunday, we realized we were short a couple pieces, so Eugene had to buy $70 worth of additional supplies at Home Depot. {Even more of a dagger in my heart for totally underestimating the cost of this darn fence. Boo.} Anyhow, once we got started, we kicked some major fence booty & knocked out the entire back line of fencing. So we took it from this…


To this…


We still have to work on the fencing by the house, but we’re one step closer.


And we also have some gaps at the bottom of the fence that we need to buy some fill dirt {or something?} to be sure the pup can’t crawl underneath.


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of our work. See, I’m detailed, stubborn at times, opinionated, and must have a well-prepared plan of attack when it comes to the house projects life. I’m working on it, but I’ll admit, I can be hard to work with sometimes. Eugene also has his own way of doing things too, doesn’t like pre-planning, and doesn’t communicate as much/well as I’d like, so the fact that we made it through 4-5 hours of fence work without fighting, crying, quitting, or arguing is a huge success! ;)


Oh boy, the pup’s gonna be so happy when we finally finish!


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