Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raising the bar.

When we first painted our bathroom tile, we temporarily hung our 6’ tall shower curtain where the last one was…


I had a plan in mind to add fabric to the bottom of the shower curtain to make it an extra tall version.  Well, I finally got around to doing it – right after I made my lovely ruffle curtains. I used the two extra yards {$8 total on sale with a coupon} to add 15 inches to the bottom of the curtain, plus three dainty ruffles using the exact same method I used for the window curtains {detailed here.} Then we raised the bar to just a few inches from the ceiling to give it a hotel-ish feel.  


{Oh, and don’t mind the hole in the ceiling, we need to get a new ceiling fan/light.}

Instead of spending $20 plus shipping for an extra long curtain liner online, Eugene brought home two Dollar Tree cheap-o liners and I simply stitched ‘em together. And believe it or not, it worked, and it really didn’t look stupid!


I know I’ve explained before that the “z” shape of our bathroom makes it virtually impossible to photograph, so here’s a whole bunch of partial pictures of the revamped shower curtain that matches the new DIY curtains.




I like how the ruffles tie the two curtains together, plus since our bedspread has similar shabby ruffles, it all seems cohesive.


So what do ya think? Are ya feeling the ruffles?


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  1. Hey that looks really cute!!!

    You painted your tile......? I'm going to have to go back and see how you did that!! It looks great!!!

  2. love the ruffles!! looks awesome!
    found you on remodelholic's linkup.

  3. That looks really great. I love that you sewed them on yourself:) Found you at The DIY Showoff and I'd love it if you stopped by too!

  4. I LOVE the ruffles!!! The shower curtain and the window curtains are both gorgeous. And that you sewed them both is pretty awesome. :)

  5. Well hi there! I found you while searching for shower curtains and thought yours was fantastic! It's linked to my shower curtains post today, nice job!


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