Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goldie’s in the house.

We’ll keep with yesterdays tradition of starting with the bad and ending with the good. To update you on the basement inspection from last night, it’s not a cheap fix. Depending on what all we want to fix, we’re looking at anywhere form $4,000 - $7,000 in work from bracing the wall, installing a water release system with a new sump pump, and/or window guards. Um, it’s not what we budgeted for the basement {$600 for new drywall}, but that’s what happens when you buy a foreclosed home that hasn’t been lived in for almost two years.


It’s just a small leak in the basement corner that we thought was from neglecting the downspouts and gutters and such, but after we removed the drywall to replace it, we realized we needed to solve a bigger problem by bracing the block walls before replacing the drywall. Considering we’ve had ridiculous, record-breaking amounts of rain this year, we’re actually pretty pleased with how well the basement held up. While we don’t plan on using the basement bedrooms for at least a few years, we still want to have a safe basement with out any water damage. So we’re left decisions to make, to get a second opinion, pray about what is the wise choice, which to fix now, which to fix later, and how much of our savings we’re willing to part with for a basement corner. {Ugh, I wish all our large ticket items were more exciting – a roof, septic system, bathroom ceiling, water softener – all pretty lame items, but necessary.}

On a much happier note, my grandma Goldie is in town staying with my parents this week, so we had them all over last night so that she could see our house. She has seen pictures of it on the blog, but hasn’t been to see it in person yet. It was a real treat to show her around & share with her all our reno plans. I have a tendency to feel like we’ve accomplished nothing & made hardly any progress on the house, but when I show the before pictures & give a tour to someone who hasn’t seen it I’m reminded of all that we have done. We’ve come a long way, and although it’s frustrating and overwhelming at times to think of all that still needs done, I need to remember where we started.


My grandma has a great decorator’s sense, so I really valued her compliments on what we’ve done so far as well as her suggestions and creative ideas for new projects. I think part of my creative decor jeans came from Grandma Goldie {although she’s got much more style than me!} She even brought us a housewarming gift – such a thoughtful grandma! The gift is a unique piece of artwork in a black frame {matches our gallery wall well}. The artwork is of one tree in the middle of a field and as you walk by the piece and view it from different angles, the tree changes seasons. It’s hard to explain, but look below & you can see what I mean. This is four pictures of the same frame from different angles.


Very different! She said that when she bought it she thought, “You two are young and like to have people over – this will be a good conversation piece!” Love it. She’s too cute & I’m so thankful that we got to have her over to the house & enjoy a dinner with her and my parents.

I also had some pretty flowers leftover from a wedding I worked this weekend. They were perfect to display around the house for our company. Fresh flowers make even ugly, unfinished rooms look pretty.


Lovely daises & baby’s breath.


Gosh I love that vintage tin with fresh flowers in a mason jar. Happy, happy.


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  1. Ohhhh I love your Grandma!!
    Great picture!

    And don't get discouraged.....I had a LOT of bumps in the road when I re-did my house!!
    Now I love it so much, I never want to leave!!! In fact I may quit my job and just stay home forever!!!!!


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