Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bathroom light.

Another project tackled this weekend was the lighting in our bathroom. We originally had this lovely, larger than life bulb light in the bathroom…


That was removed once we painted the walls & pink tile


We brought a not-so-attractive stand light into the bathroom to get us by until we were ready to install a new light we purchased for $35 from Menards back in March. I thought the finish on the light work work well with the newly spray painted ORB faucets. However, the wire placement on the wall presents a challenge…


The wires are low and off center, so once we hung the light, it’s impossible to hide the wire. We tried the light facing downward first…


I wasn’t a fan, so I tried it facing upward next…


That’s better. We’re planning to solder the wires and then hide them with a frame of molding around the mirror. {Fingers crossed that it works!}


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  1. I think it looks great when you face it upward. Its a beautiful work in progress.


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