Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nice neighbors and our mini rainforest.

Sunday night at 9:30 pm, Eugene & I were surprised by our doorbell ringing. We answered the door I hid in the bedroom in case it was an intruder while Eugene answered the door, and come to find out, a nice neighbor was standing on our sidewalk holding this huge hosta plant…


We then split the big guy into three smaller plants & made them a temporary home in front of our house. We plan to pull out the bushes eventually, and hopefully we’ll have more hostas to add in their place.


Free landscaping? Nice neighbors? Yes please!


I’m hoping this guy grows big enough to cover that unsightly gas {or is it electric} hook-up.

Oh, and when splitting the plant, I noticed the remnants of a blue robin’s egg. It was already hatched, so no worries.


This weekend, Eugene also tackled a huge need at the house – cleaning the gutters. See, we had lots of stuff stuck in our gutters. Two years vacancy equals little maple trees growing next to our roof!


Using a leaf blower, we had what smelled & looked like raining sewage {rotted leaves} falling from the top of our house. Eugene declared our mini rainforest purged.


But let’s remember their presence with one last picture…


The packed gutters most certainly didn’t help out our basement leakage issue, so it’s a huge item to cross off our to-do list!


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