Monday, June 20, 2011

Two years.

We spent the weekend working on the house, putting up more of the fence – taking one corner from this…


to this…


We also tackled a few other house projects {more on that later this week}, and I think I officially wore out Eugene & the pup. Check out these two peas in a pod…


I promise you that this was not staged. Eugene laid down of the floor to stretch his sore back & Espn copied him laying his head on Eugene’s arm. Just look at the dog’s legs sprawled out!

We also celebrated Father’s Day yesterday with our amazing dads – lunch after church with my dad & dinner at Eugene’s grandparents’ place with his dad & grandpa.


We’re so blessed – beyond blessed – to have such Godly, wise father-figures in our lives. Not only did our dads play an active role in shaping who we are today, but they also care so deeply for us that we can experience a human’s father’s love somewhat like that of our Heavenly Father. To have a Godly father’s presence & love is a rarity today, and both Eugene & I are so thankful God has blessed us with such amazing men as fathers.

And we have another occasion to celebrate today as well…


I love the note in the car trick, even if it’s pencil on notebook paper. {Makes me smile every time.} Yep, two years ago today, I married my best friend.


We were surrounded by our best friends & our family…


Had a personal ceremony, with our own vows, beautiful music, so many people there to support us…


We had perfect – absolutely perfect – weather {probably because I had everyone I knew, and some I didn’t, praying for the weather that day} We also had a huge blessing of the bountiful wheat field surrounding us {it literally yielded a huge, unexpectedly-large amount of wheat crop at harvest.} It’s a long story, but the wheat field was a total blessing from God that wasn’t at all necessary or anticipated, and completely blew me away as a gift from God. :)

Jordan & Caitlin-570

We also had a beautiful reception under a tent behind my parents’ house, lit up by candles, white lights, and lanterns. It was very simple, but very “me.”

Jordan & Caitlin-762

And best of all, I got to celebrate the fact that Eugene & I committed to being together for the rest of our lives. It was one of the best days I will ever have. {Hands down.}

bw dancing    

Eugene & I have faced way more trials and challenges than we could have ever imagined in these short two years of marriage. Had someone told me all that we’d go through, I wouldn’t have believed that we’d be standing so tall today. But we are standing tall, and we’re still standing happily next to each other and still holding on tight. And to be frank, that’s the only way we’ve made it so gracefully. God’s been generous and merciful to us through our marriage so far; it’s been absolutely incredible to see His hand working through each of the trails we’ve faced. He’s proven time & time again to be our ultimate Provider for all things.

Despite the fact that these two years have probably been the hardest of my life, they’ve also been stuffed full of love. I’m thankful for my husband, who has weathered the storms by my side, holding my hand through it all. We’re so blessed to have each other in such a precious marriage. I love him {so much.}

And yes, that’s where the title of the blog comes from. :)

Happy anniversary, Eugene. I pray that the Lord blesses us with so many more!


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