Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Darn lights and a pool party.

Let’s start with the bad news and end with the good, shall we? I got a call yesterday while I was at work from Eugene. “I have bad news for you.” Wonderful. Love the sound of that. He told me that while he was sitting on the couch he heard a huge crash sound that scared the poor pup to pieces. He rushed to the bathroom, only to find that the brand spankin’ new light fixture I installed just last week had pulled out of the wall – drywall anchors and all.


ARGH! That’s really discouraging! I don’t know why the anchors didn’t hold, but I will definitely be trying a different method next time.Too bad I’ll have to find new globes…that makes two light fixtures that have broken before really even getting much use, well three if you count the crunched shade in the kitchen.  The score is 3-1 and the light fixtures are beating me. {I hate to lose.}

Okay, enough of that frustration. Last night our small group at church got together for a mini pool party. The boys enjoyed some competitive, complex game of who-can-catch-the ball…


While the girls tried 14 ba-zillion attempts to take a picture with an underwater camera. Only one attempt was {slightly} successful…


You would have thought we were all twelve-year-olds playing pool catch & laughing under the water! But we sure did have fun together almost as if it were a Saturday afternoon on summer vaca instead of a Monday work week. {I’m getting good at pretending it’s vaca for a day!}


Tonight, the “Basement Doctor” is coming tonight to look at the leaky corner in our basement. I’m praying that he tells us it’s no big deal and that there’s some cheap and easy way to fix it, but we shall see. Here’s to hoping for good news tonight!


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