Monday, June 6, 2011

A completely finished weekly to-do-list.

Eugene was away this weekend four-wheeling through 1600 acres {yes 1600} of land in the mountains for a bachelor party. He has a rough life. ;) So while he was away, I fortunately had plenty to keep my mind off missin’ him.

I had a wedding ceremony that I helped coordinate for my church on Friday evening…


Followed by two home projects that both involved a little blue paint. A little teaser now, full details later this week…


I also bit the bullet and forked out some cash for some pretty flowers for the front of our house. It was killin’ me to walk by our bare, dirt flowerbeds every day. And I know I promised {myself} that we’d focus our budget/time on the inside of the house and worry about the outside next year, but when Walmart had 6 packs of petunias & marigolds for just $0.99 each, I figured it’s not going to break the bank, and smiling every time I walk to the door is totally worth six bucks. :)


The pup enjoyed my flower planting session too. I was digging a hole and looked over and saw this…


Nothin’ like drinkin’ from a watering can. I’ve always said that. 


Just six measly packs of flowers, but even just the few pops of color made the front look happier. {Mulch is needed, but I didn’t have the energy to tackle it. Plus, we’re going to pull the big bushes eventually, so we’ll probably wait to mulch until we know our more permanent landscaping plans.} I used some of the petunias to replace the hanging planter of pansies that my sister gave me for my birthday.


I love the pic of our house below – the pup is sitting perfectly!


I also managed to hang the super heavy mirror we scored for $5.00 at a rummage sale. It found a home at the end of our hallway.


I’ll probably spray paint it sometime, but I haven’t decided on the right color just yet.


We worked on a few other projects, and gave the house a hard-core, much-over-due cleaning too. {It’s really hard to keep the house clean when you’re remodeling!} Even though I had a wedding ceremony on Friday night and a wedding reception on Saturday for work, I still somehow managed to get a ton done around the house. It was one of those times when I felt like each project should have taken 3 hours, but when I looked at the clock it had only been 20 minutes. I love it when God slows time down a bit for me to have a super productive time. It felt SO GOOD to cross every last task off my week’s to-do list {I may or may not have checked, crossed, & scribbled out each task three times just cause I was so glad to have it all done!} Now that’s something to be happy about! :)

Oh, and my wondrous thing today? Sweet, perfectly ripe, bright red strawberries in my lunch today…


I love Summer.


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  1. I love seeing how your home is transforming! You're doing such a beautiful job.

    Congratulations to you both on completion of your husband's first year of teaching. Teachers are not given near enough credit. (Or pay!)


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