Friday, November 19, 2010

A pre-Thanksgiving praise party.

Have I mentioned yet? No? Okay, well it’s about time. It’s a website that lets you insert some text & it transforms it into a word collage of sorts. There’s options to change the font, layout, colors, shape, etc so you can create a piece of art that communicates a message. I love these. I’ve made one of these a while back for a wedding of a teammate {see this blog post}, including words of love, weddings, traits and experiences of the bride & groom, and then I matted it & placed it in a nice frame for the newlyweds. Later I got an email from the bride telling me it was her favorite wedding gift {score!} Anyway, I love these wordle creations & they make great gifts.

So anyhoo, I decided to have my own little private praise party a couple days ago. Back in college, my teammates/friends & I would get together periodically and host a “praise party” where we’d take a notecard {or something similar} and fill it completely with all the things we’re thankful for, from the tiniest things like a cup of coffee to huge things like grace. So with Thanksgiving {my favorite holiday} right around the corner, I felt the urge to have a praise party.  I placed all my words of praises into wordle & came out with this…


I just might frame it & display it for the holiday. I love it {so much!}

Going right along with the theme of being thankful – two more things…

{my mom is in the tan dress with her sisters & my grandma at my wedding}

First, my mom had a surgery today and, without going into details, I just want to say that I am so very thankful to God for they way he clearly answered our prayers for safety, health, and good news. God is good {all the time.}


And second, remember the house we failed to get last month? {See here and here for a refresher.} Well, we got a call from our realtor yesterday evening that the outside offer the bank originally accepted a while back actually fell through! Now, this is pretty unusual {in my humble opinion} because the potential buyer had already been pre-approved for the loan, so the funding was in place at the time of the offer.

Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised because I’ve been praying since our offer was rejected by the other higher offer. I’ve been specifically asking God to let the offer fall through if we’re supposed to have that house. Weird to pray that since it’s been a month since our offer was rejected, but I just felt like I should be praying for it to work out that way. And lo & behold, it did!  God surprised me with an answer on that one {why do I ever doubt His responses?!} So Eugene & I submitted a brand new offer for the same house last night at 10:30 pm. We’ll see where God takes it. {I’m trusting Him to put us right where we’re supposed to be…wherever that is.}

So a big, fat, happy praise to God for answered prayers!


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