Thursday, June 9, 2011

A day of summer vaca.

Summer vacation = swimming, laying out in the hot sunshine, peanuts in the shell, fabulous friends, volleyball, fresh fruit & veggies, burgers on the grill, side stitches from laughter, relaxing, ice cream, and best of all, NO work! With the help of my best friends, I somehow managed to squeeze all of that into one glorious {wondrous thing-filled} day yesterday.


At one point, my friend Libby, even said, “It feels like we’re on vacation together somewhere.” That perfectly sums up my Wednesday, and it was Amazing with a capital A.

The four of us have been friends since high school, and while we don’t get to hang out together as much as we’d like, when we do, it’s always delightful. We swam/soaked up the rays for a few hours at Libby’s neighbor’s house, then Eugene headed to a church golf league while I was the happy third wheel with Libby & Scott as we ate delicious burgers, played some volleyball, and laughed together. Even baby Griff got in on the summer vaca action with a nap in the shade…


I may not get many summer-ish days because of my job as a wedding coordinator, but this was certainly the exception. I loved every minute of it!

Eugene & I also planted two rose bushes that I snagged from Big Lots for 50% off, coming to a whopping $1.50 each…


I’m hoping next year I’ll have some rose blooms of my own to display, rather than stealing my mom’s. ;) Speaking of flowers at my mom’s, how about a few pretty pics to put you in the summer mood. I took these on Memorial Day at my parents’ place:







And just cause I love it {so much}, here’s another take of the pup’s perfect dive into the pond…


Happy Summer ya’ll!


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  1. haha I too love that picture of your pup diving!!


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