Friday, June 17, 2011

The switcheroo.

Before we moved into our house, one of the three bedrooms {I’ll call it the brown room} on the main floor looked like this…

Then once we moved in, the brown room quickly became our storage/junk room {the hoarding room admitted here}


Just a few hours of organization & purging allowed us to see the wood floors once again, bringing it to this…


But yesterday, we took it to a whole new level. Eugene & I had been using a different room for our bedroom {I’ll call it the floral room}…


But after 3 months of sleeping with the 3 legged-fan & floral wallpaper border {I just can’t seem to get away from floral wallpaper!}, we thought it might be better to have our bedroom in a different room. See, the two windows in the floral bedroom aren’t centered on the walls which made it really difficult to arrange the bed and dresser evenly and balanced. In the brown room, however, there is just one large window that is centered on the wall.

We figured we’d take the time yesterday to bring the mattress in the room to move it around and see what we thought. The pup thought the mattress of the floor was a great idea.

{Yes, that’s a toilet in the box in the brown room. It’s on the list, waiting to be installed in our bathroom.}

We agreed that we liked out bedroom set up much better in the brown room, so we went with it and brought the rest of the items in – lamps, temporary bedside tables {ottomans}, the rest of the bed, and a dresser.


None of these pictures are good and nothing matches in this room at all, but oh well. I keep it real on this blog, so why not show you every possible shade of brown thrown into one bedroom? I think it looks stunning…or maybe just reminiscent of poop. {Sorry, but it’s the truth.}


The biggest task of this switcheroo was cleaning out the windows. Ew, discussing, sick, & gross. Those windows were DirTy. They were so dirty I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of it – embarrassing. After an hour of work, many buckets of soapy water & practically a whole role of paper towels with Windex, they’re finally presentable. I also bought a new dark bronze curtain rod, hung it high, and added some of the white Ikea curtains on clips for some privacy & light blockage.



You can’t see it in any of the pictures, but there is a low dresser opposite the bed, next to the closet. In an effort to not leave you to have nightmares tonight of poop-brown rooms, how about I share with you {ever-changing} the prettier game plan for our bedroom?

Here’s the to-do list:

  • Paint the walls a deep teal/blue-green color


  • Paint doors, closet, and trim white
  • Hem the curtains
  • Make matching throw pillows for the bed
  • Add wall decor
  • Make a capiz chandy or buy a new light fixture

{image source}

  • Make or buy unique shelves for matching bedside tables

{image source}

Disclaimer: I maintain full right to change my mind at any time on this! I say that because it’s already changed a lot just in my decorating plans. Originally this was my color scheme…


But now I’m leaning towards a deeper, richer color palate to contrast a bit more with the house. Something like this…

{image source}

Lots to do, as always, but at least I woke up in the new room happy with the arrangement still. Good thing, cause I think Eugene would have killed me if I asked him to help me move it all again!


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