Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to the world, baby Griffin.

I had a day full of some big ups & downs yesterday. We had the funeral service & burial for Eugene’s aunt, Jen, in the morning, followed by a family lunch wake/gathering. After lunch, we left for the 3 1/2 hour road trip back home. All the while, I was watching the clock like crazy because my best friend, Libby, went into labor around 9:00 that morning. {I’ve posted about her pregnancy & baby showers here, here & here.} We made it home around 5:15 pm, and I made it to the hospital by 5:45 pm just before Lib began pushing. She was a rock star! She went the entire time without any drugs or an epidural, and she had such great focus going that she seemed completely in control of the pain. {Very impressive!} Unfortunately though, baby Griff was facing the wrong way and the doctor was unable to turn him, so after a spectacular effort & a text-book labor process, Lib had to have a cesarean section around 8:00 pm. And at 8:34 pm, baby Griffin was welcomed into the world by his great parents.

The nurses were all talking about how they expected him to be a big baby, and they were right! Eight pounds, fifteen ounces of beautiful, healthy baby boy! Scott was such a proud & happy dad as he showed us his baby boy.



Libby and baby Griffin did great through the surgery {Praise the Lord!}


What love a father has for his son already. :)

I stayed a while last night, but since I had to work today, I didn’t really get much time with Lib or Griff. I hope to spend a bit more time together with them tonight after work. I’m lovin’ his hair in this picture!



Just look at those big hands!


I am so happy for my friends and the start of their journey as parents! They’re going to do great & Griffin is certainly one blessed baby to have them!



  1. How precious! The third picture literally brought tears to my eyes. I went all the way through the pushing part too without epidural or meds when I had to be rushed for an emergency c-section as well. I hope your new mommy-friend is recovering well!

  2. Such beautiful photos. So glad you were able to be there to support your friend.


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