Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family fun in the sun.

I had a fabulous few days off for Memorial Day. Although I had to work a wedding rehearsal Friday, and the ceremony & reception on Saturday, I still managed to squeeze in a ton of family time, most of which was outside in the glorious sun.

Saturday, my sister-in-law, Rita, had her graduation open house. There was a great turnout of friends & family to show their support of this beautiful graduate…


No rain this weekend – we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves! Well, not really. We spent every second we could outside!


We gave the graduate a coffee maker – thought it might come in handy for the college all nighters that she’ll undoubtedly experience in the dorms.


Sunday was spent at church & working on the house. {More on that later this week.} But Monday was the wondrous thing of my month: an entire day with Eugene. No baseball games, no work, no meetings, just quality time together. We slept in a little & then spent most of the day outside in our backyard working on putting up a chain link fence together. We cleaned up & headed to my parents’ place for a small Memorial Day cookout.


It felt like Summer. Amazingness. Pushing 90 degrees, sunshine, flowers in bloom, iced tea, and fresh fruit. Mmm.


The pup is a happy camper whenever we bring him to my parents’ house.


It’s his doggy heaven, especially the water!


You can tell how much rain we’ve had lately in the picture above. See the grass growing in the middle of the pond, out in front of Espn? That’s where we stood during our wedding ceremony. Crazy amount of rain! Good thing our wedding isn’t this year; our guests would be sitting under water!

We let the pup play in the water before we headed home. He was beyond thrilled to swim…


I give that dive a 10 out of 10 –perfect form. ;)

What a fabulous summery weekend!


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  1. Hey Jane,
    Just stopping by to catch up on what yall are doing.. love the blog posts lately! Esp. love the gallery wall we have one in our entry way and I just completed one in our stairwell too. Love the pics of ESPN.. keep on bloggin because I love blog stalkin ya ;)


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