Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More ORB in my powder room.

Remember way back when I showed you this before & after?


Well, the rest of the vanity was still hangin’ out in it’s original tarnished gold form. Like this...yuck.


So I snapped a few pictures on Saturday & decided it was time for a change. Oh, and I wasn’t feeling well, so you’ll have to pardon my laziness. I just didn’t feel like picking up the mess of deodorants, massive clashing tissue box, wadded hand towel, spray paint & tools. {We’re keepin it real here, folks.}

I also needed to address the gold in the other areas of our bathroom, namely some towel racks we removed when we found our hideously hilarious painted stencil behind the wallpaper, and also the gold knobs on this weird wall cabinet…


…and our toilet paper holder that’s covers the large hole someone created in the tile {read: irreplaceable.}


So I took the same ORB spray paint I used to do the faucet & went to town on a tarp outside.



After the first coat, I remembered 1) why I never bother painting my fingernails now that I’ve moved and 2) why I need to wear gloves when I use a blackish paint. Eh, oh well. It only lasts a few days!


And the finished product? Well, it’s still basically an ugly bathroom with pink tile, gross floors & unpainted roughed-up walls, but at least it’s tarnished-gold-free. {Glass is half-full, right?!} :) Here’s some before & after comparisons just for the heck of it…


Again, I really should have picked up a bit. Maybe I’ll revise this post another day when I feel a bit less apathetic! ;) I plan to paint/stain the wood on this vanity. Just not sure when I’ll get to it.


Small change for now with this cabinet thingy. But I’m hoping I can figure out a way to paint the laminate “wood” on this beast some day.


And the toilet paper roll looks better in person. {That’s something I never thought I’d say.} I think once we finally paint all the wall tiles white, it’ll look so much better. {Fingers crossed.}

Oh, and P.S. it’s a strictly enforced rule in our household that you MUST have the toilet paper on the holder in this direction. I had no clue before I got married that there’s a right & wrong way to put the toilet paper. It still doesn’t matter to me whether the toilet paper rolls overtop of the roll or under the roll, but Eugene’s very adamant about this {t}issue. Strange, but I still love ‘em.


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  1. We had similar cabinets in our bath room and I had them painted. I love them painted and the hardware pops now. I did a creamy white and tan walls in one bath, the other two have light blues and creamy white cabinets. But I am drawn to white cabinets..just be sure you prime ;)

  2. Sounds good! I'm just wondering if the paint will work on the wall cabinet because it's more like plastic than wood. Hmm, guess we'll see! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. great job! How is the ORB on the faucet and handles holding up?

  4. The change is amazing! I have been wanting to re-do our faucets and had no idea I could paint them..I guess I was concerned about the water. We have the same gold throughout our house, I can't stand it!


  5. So far so good for the spray painted faucets. They're still holding up perfectly! {I'm a little surprised at how well they're doing!}

  6. Great job! It looks so much more updated already! I have the same tissue issue with the holder in my bathroom. I can't replace it with one that mounts on the wall because the walls are hand-swirled plaster and we won't be able to make it look right with patching the wall. So I am going to try to spray paint mine as well. I've even considered a wainscoting just so I can cover up the hole and get rid of that awful holder.

    Found your blog from Domestically Speaking and am your newest follower!

  7. The sprayed parts look awesome...my hands PERPETUALLY look that way (just a different color each week!) and we have the roll issue in our house, too!!! I like it over and hubbs thinks under's the best! Whoever changes it gets his/her way!!!

  8. OMG looks great---how is the faucet holding up? I MUST do this to all my ugly gold junk!!!

  9. Still holding up really well!


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